• Yes Mitt Romney should pay more in taxes

    I don't agree with the income tax system, and think it should be done away with, BUT if you are going to enforce it on people, it should be done so across the board. No one should be exempt from it, no matter if you are a politician or not, and that includes Mitt Romney. It is absurd that the little guys play by one set of rules, and the big guys play by another. If you're gonna have a rule, either enforce it all the way, or don't at all. You might get a bit more respect if you were to be so consistent.

  • Tax the rich.

    The rich have a large sum of money. If we focus on taxing them, the debt will go down and taking away money wont really affect the rich because of their large income so they will just stay rich. Rinse and Repeat. If they are complaining then they are just being lazy and greedy and don't care about their country. The richest man in the world, Bill Gates, thinks he should pay more taxes.

  • No he shouldn't

    The rich in America earned their money and deserve to keep it. And if Romney were a communist or even just a democrat their would be no out cry from the left for him to pay tax. This is all politically motivated. Romney worked hard and unless he decides to give it away, nobody other than himself deserves to have his money.

  • No, He Shouldn't Pay Taxes Twice

    Governor Romney's overall tax percentage might seem low, but Romney is paying taxes on money he has already paid taxes on! Romney is not making a normal salary or income at this point: his income is from investments. This money was already taxed once before he invested it. Now that it is bearing interest, Romney is paying taxes on it again.

  • Mitt Romney's Tax Bracket is Legal, But Out of Touch

    The best thing Mitt Romney can do for American voters is show how out of touch the Republican Party is with mainstream workers. Romney shouldn't pay any more income taxes whatsoever--doing so ensures a Democratic president for decades to come. Romney's super-wealth isn't illegal. Nor should the candidate be punished for making investments that are potential tax shelters. Romney hasn't broken the law. However, his image of being rich and upper-crusty shouldn't be tarnished. The income taxes Romney pays at a lower level than normal American workers should be exploited by liberals for years.

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