• Yes - hiding them will only hurt him

    I think that hiding his tax returns is a bad move for Mitt Romney. The people of America will only have a harder time understanding him and where he stands on many issues if they feel that they do not understand him completely. He will lose more by hiding them in the long run.

  • Yes

    If he has nothing to hide then he needs to release his tax returns to the public to show this. He wanted us to trust him in running our country but couldn't give us any reason to trust him. There are reports that he evades taxes by hiding or storing his money in off shore accounts. If this isn't true, he needs to prove it then it can be dropped.

    Posted by: jus
  • Yes. It shows he isn't hiding anything.

    Anyone that rich is likely to have some questionable investments or other tax practices that deserve scrutiny. So although there may be some negative consequences, it is better to come clean and show that he wants to be transparent and not hide anything from the American public. Otherwise, voters are left with doubts about his character.

  • It gives him added credibility

    Releasing his tax returns would give Mitt Romney more credibility among the working class Americans. He can't claim to understand our needs or how politics affect our everyday lives. If he refuses to release them, one can't help but wonder what he is hiding. Any other time it wouldn't matter, but doing so would prove his honesty.

  • Releasing Tax Returns Would be Good

    Mitt Romney should release the tax returns that the opposition is questioning. If he has nothing to hide, Mr. Romney should have no problem in silencing the talk about his taxes. It is not a requirement for him as a candidate to release more returns, but as a being of moral character, he should want to quiet the world on the issues of his taxes. He will gain this if he releases them.

  • It is his personal business.

    Coming from a liberal guy here, I don't care at all about how he runs his personal business. I am more than happy to judge him on his economic policies and the rest of his platforms. Only in a world where Republicans base their ability to lead the country's economy on how well they've ran their own business do we have any discussion about someone's personal economic business. This is basically equivelant to seeing how many black friends someone has to see where they stand on civil rights, seeing how many gay friends someone has when discussing their gay marriage agenda, taking a look at their sex life to see how they would do with birth control's coverage under health care, etc.... It makes no sense to judge someone's public platform based on their private lives.

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