• The country was founded on Christian principles! In God We Trust!

    We need to return the United States of America to its founding Christian principles, including freedom of speech! And we need to restore the American dream of prosperity! We need a president that fears God and speaks the TRUTH, not a bunch of lies! And we need a president that is willing and able to improve our economy, not a president that gives away hard working, taxpayers money!

  • Please, please run one more time. I would like to see Sarah Palin as your vice president, awesome awesome pair. No one could beat you.

    America needs you. Please go for it.
    Americans will not make the mistake of not voting for you again. Sarah would do a good job and would pull in the woman vote. You are the only one that can save America. Start early so you have time to work for the vote.

  • Brilliant business man, looks, talks and acts like a President.

    We need someone who will bring dignity back into the White House and who will be respected by his peers. Mitt Romney is that guy. The way things are now, we are being laughed at by the other countries who have us under their magnifying glasses. Mitt Romney has the ability to turn the economy around so that everyone wins, and is able to put together a team of professionals such as Marco Rubio to finally deal with the serious immigration issues facing the country.

  • Very honest American

    I voted for him the last time. I also think his wife would make a great first lady. He is a caring, honest, knowledgeable businessman. I watched his whole campaign. I think he was not given the right advise on several appearances. However, if he changed his staff, he should run again. And he has got to be more aggressive.

  • Why start at square one?

    Conservatives in AMERICA have work to do -- (1) pushing each state to protect our voting rights with VOTER ID before the 2014 elections! (2) Educate to remove fear and lies out of the Immigration issue, for all immigrants eligible to vote, especially with the Hispanic vote -- we are all on the same side with our values and family based beliefs -- we need to unite to strengthen our fight against liberal destruction of America's values! (3) UNITE as Conservatives to support and elect STRICT REPRESENTATION in Washington and cut Obama's 2nd term in half by regaining the majority in all of Congress in 2014! (4) Finally, Support Mitt Romney -- whose victory was stolen by voter fraud and outright cheating in 2012. He deserves our support and we deserve the best candidate -- he has ALREADY BEEN VETTED, we don't need to waste time, money or energy on trying to find and clear someone else -- we need to FOCUS on ROMNEY !!! CONSERVATIVES -- UNITE and ELECT ROMNEY in 2016!

  • Mitt is the best person to lead this country.

    Mitt is the only person in the GOP who can beat Hillary in 2016. He doesn't need the money. He just cares about getting this country back on the right track. Most of his campaign contacts are still in place, and he already has the experience of running a 50 state campaign in a general election.

  • Romney Lost To Obama; So Did Hillary.

    Assuming that Hillary Clinton is the nominee, Mitt Romney is uniquely situated for 2016.

    Bill Clinton said Obama's policies would lead us to prosperity. Has that happened?
    Hillary Clinton said Barack Obama would "revitalize" the economy.

    15% of the nation is now on food stamps.

    Who can get people back to work in America? Who understands health insurance?

    Romney would be running in 2016 anyway (for re-election) if he had won 2012.
    If he is at all interested, he should strongly consider a 2016 run.

  • It is your calling


    Some are blessed with intellect, others with moral grounding, and yet others with resolve; you sir personify all three. Some seek greatness while others have it thrust upon them; receive this God inspired calling. It is your time and America is waiting.

    Do it for my kids ages 9, 11 and 15.

  • No Incumbent President

    Nixon lost to Kennedy in 1960 and re-ran for the presidency in 1968. Romney barely lost to an incumbent president, thus he is definitely not a write-off. The presidental race was quite close, perhaps Romney can run again in 2016. Romney or Jeb Bush in 2016, not a Tea Party candidate.

  • Mitt's An Idiot

    I would gladly see Mitt Romney run for president again because he will surely be defeated. His unapologetic affinity for a Fox News-like knowledge of the world will cripple him once again. He was corrected by Candy Crowley specifically for being so blatantly wrong. His running mate, Paul Ryan, openly admitted he would prefer women not have the same ability to be hired as men. It would be fulfilling to beat these chauvinists once again.

  • Romney Had His Shot

    He is not the "Promised One" the Mormons prayed for for the past 150 years. God rejected him (if you are a Mormon). ...This is coming from an ex-Mormon living in Salt Lake, so I know first hand what they expected to happen. After Romney lost, Mormons started questioning their faith, trust me. God promised them a President and didn't deliver. There's not way he would have a shot again. Plus, the Republican Party would never nominate him a second time.

  • No Mitt in 2016!

    Supporting a case why he should run in 2016 might be more important than why he shouldn't run.

    Mitt lost in 2012. I believe he wasn't elected because he is a Mormon who identifies with a political party which is comprised of 80% + traditional Christian sects; Catholics and Evangelicals. I felt this polarized the Conservative party. A deeper more fundamental choice had to be made for Republicans: Loyalty to political party or loyalty to religious ideology. And although Mormons are technically considered Christians, Mormonism is not widely accepted by Catholics and Evangelicals as an equal Christian sect.

    For this reason alone I feel Mitt would also lose in 2016 if he ran against another strong Democrat.

  • Wow really guys?

    Guaranteed if I asked the average joe, what is one difference between Romney and Obama, he wouldn't know if it bit him in the ass. And that's the guy who's voting. It doesn't shock me that 91% said yes he should run again, because Americans are stupid and love to see history repeat itself over and over. I mean we elected Bush twice. If you can't see through Mitt Romney and his painfully obvious lies, then you shouldn't even have a opinion on the matter.

  • He wouldn't win

    He couldn't even beat Obama so what makes you think he could beat anyone else. We need a Libertarian minded person in the White House. More and more people are now waking up to the fact that up at that level there is not much difference between Democrats and Republicans.

  • Horrible views and stance

    Mitt Romney has horrid views for the American People. Not only did he disrespect 47% of Americans, he believes in cutting the rights of women, the LGBT community and ending healthcare for middle class Americans. He is pro-rich and anti-poor. Obama is way better and proud he won in 2012. Hillary for President 2016!

  • No more Romneys--the last good one was George.

    I hoped we were rid of the Romneys. He lost. Good riddance. We do not need the super-rich to try to govern our country. If you want a good Republican, have a look at Newt Gingrich. He is intelligent, he knows history, and he understands what is good for the country.

  • Waste of Time

    Republicans will never regain the White House as long as the majority are homophobic, bible banging evangelicals, anti-civil rights, anti-gay marriage, anti-immigration reform, pro corporate and anti-campaign reform and perceived as a party controlled by old white men. America is changing and evolving and old party Republicans will be left on the close-minded ash pile of history.

  • Are we kidding?

    No more out-of-touch plutocrats. The other 99.997% of us can't afford it. The country roundly rejected this world view a few months ago. It's clear that his direction is the wrong direction. What about Mitt Romney is so eminently virtuous that he is worthy of a third consideration? Wrong on jobs, wrong on healthcare, wrong on women, wrong on minorities, wrong on foreign policy, wrong on the economy, wrong on banks, wrong on basically everything...So why are we entertaining this again? Thanks, but no thanks.

  • No, not again!

    Mitt got my vote. He is a very honest and smart man. I very much wish he was our President now. After 2 unsuccessful attempts it would be best if he stepped back and the Republicans ran a different person with Mitt's blessing. Surely the Republicans can find a winner.

  • His heart's not in it.

    Don't get me wrong. I WOULD vote for him if he ran but;
    Knowing how contenders smear and tear families apart, even on false premises is not good for anyone. And besides, the way the world is going, especially the liberal world, they will not vote for him and he can use his money to do good quietly better than battling the majority who do not want him in office.

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Anonymous says2013-07-27T22:54:37.003
Mitt should run with Condoleezza Rice as a running mate
nhbuckvt says2013-12-21T03:59:51.130
Thaydes08 says2014-01-08T22:16:43.003
Sagey says2014-01-13T14:01:35.083
Noticed some Yokels still want the US to be one Nation Under God, which if the idiots saying this really knew anything, it is why the US is the laughing stock of the Western world. Bush and many others made foreign policies and intervened on others conflicts because the US arrogantly considered itself as being a Moral Flagship, which it certainly is not. It is considered by the rest of the world as an Arrogant, Silly, Irrational, Christian Blunderbuss. Pushing itself onto where it is truly not wanted. The attacks from Osama Bin Laden were a direct result of the US's dumber than dumb Arrogance in foreign affairs.
Christianity in Politics is only a recipe for Disaster and Irrational Stupidity.
Evidently those dingbats wanting Religion in the US leadership, still haven't learned the lessons that history has given.
Even in the 18th Century, the Founding Fathers of the US Constitution knew the errors of having religion in leadership and they dreamed of a Secular (All religions equal, but none in leadership) America.
The arrogant Christian groups were too Ignorant and Stupid to let the Thomas Jefferson and his colleagues have their dream of a secular America.
This is why the US is seen as a Nation of Religious Idiots by the rest of the Western World.
It is the only nation on earth where absolute stupidity like Young Earth Creationism can hold any power.
Until US becomes a Secular Nation.
It will always remain a Nation led by theistic Fools who make Idiotic policies tainted by Theistic Notions and Ideals, instead of a Completely Rational Consideration of the Case at hand, such as many such stupid decisions and statements made by George Bush.

Mitt is more likely to make religion based decisions than Obama.
In that way, Obama is actually more Rational and less likely to make the mistake that many past presidents have done in pushing policies based on religious notions, instead of looking rationally at future consequences, like aggravating foreign interests or militia and creating more problems for itself, with it's Extremely Stupid and Immoral, We Are More Moral Than You, So We Will Take Over, Blunderbuss Approach.
WaterTipper says2014-03-06T23:16:33.487
For all you people voting for Pro: If you backwards close-minded hyper-religious conservatives think Obama's bad, just remember: Romney still lost to Obama.
PreferNotToBeLabeled says2014-04-27T06:26:02.340
89% voted yes??? Not to be rude but you all are smoking some pretty good dope. I mean do you all even watch the news or read up on the candidates? Did you just like him because he's republican or is there a religious reasoning... Fine, you all can have a rich business man who thinks 200,000 dollars a year is poor if you want.
wargod06 says2014-05-15T13:32:50.537
I say we need an election were we dont vote for a president because hes the best out of two turds. We need an actual good candidate
Sagey says2014-07-18T05:21:25.337
Romney is Indoctrinated into Nonsense and Mind Controlled by the Mormon Governing Body, thus he will make extremely dumb decisions, possibly worse than Bush who was also indoctrinated into stupid nonsense, and thus made dumb decisions. USA hasn't learned that electing indoctrinated fools is a really bad decision. The entire nation will pay heavily for it, just as happened with George Bush's Christian indoctrinated stupidity, which the US is still paying for.
mko4545 says2014-12-16T23:10:10.537
ROMNEY/RICE 2016! Yes! That was my wish for 08'. I couldn't agree more.