Should Mitt Romney run in the 2016 Presidential Election?

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  • I Believe in Mitt

    I believe that Mitt Romney is the best candidate for president, because he is honest and hard-working. He has a solid economic plan to turn this country around. He does not quit until the job is done. He doesn't talk trash about other people. He's a family man, who knows the importance of family.

  • He should run so another democrat can win.

    It would be a perfect opportunity for the democrats to call Mitt out on his political views again, especially since he flips on every issue. It makes it so anyone else who runs against him can also bring up how disconnected he is from the rest of the 47% he said he wouldn't help, how he would have sent us back into Iraq, and basically make America the land of the elites and not the land of the free. If he runs, he is going to loose again.

  • The real "Loser" was the entire country.....We need you to try again!

    He was right on the economy and he was right on foreign policy. This time they can't "stone wall" you with their spin antics! This time, they will have to take notice of reality! We are watching that other ideology and seeing it for what it is. We are watching the results of it in real time in terms of a failed sluggish economy and a scary capitulating do nothing foreign policy.

  • Mitt was right

    Mitt was right about everything he said during the election about what Obama would do or how little he would do. Look at what Russia is able to do and how Iraq has turned out. Mitt tried to tell everyone but the left ran media called him crazy. If Mitt would have won, the world would probably not be in this bad of shape. I hope he runs and picks Rand Paul as his running mate.

  • Please Mitt run! Like Ann I understand what the Country lost..

    We need a LEADER and their are so few today, especially those who put the country ahead of their own personal needs, it's allot to ask for you to do it again, but the country needs someone with your values, your genuine desire to help the country, and someone the World can look to and respect as opposed to laughing at, and disrespecting. Please Mitt do it for our Country.

  • Came Around Slowly

    Was not a fan of Mitt. Voted for McCain in 2008. Wanted Newt in 2012. Didn't care for his switch on the pro-life issue (I am very pro-life and this was my #1 issue for years). Didn't care for his stiffness, thought he was not sincere. Then, in 2012, definitely didn't see how he would argue against Obama care since he had Romney care. Watched every debate for each election. Thought Romney was quite defensive when debating in 2008. Not now. It took me a long time, but ohhhh how I have changed. I am actually embarrassed on how long it took me to jump on the Mitt wagon. After Newt talked about a permanent space colony, I thought, well, there goes Newt. I had to focus on Romney. Read and watched everything I could on the man. Fell absolutely in love with him during the RNC (yes, it really took me that long, I am a dummy). How humble, how sincere (even though he IS stiff), how great of a man he is. Obviously, I wised up and voted for Mitt in 2012. Was shocked that he didn't win. But look at me? Why did it take me so long? I stated my reasons above, but geez! He most definitely needs to run. I will GLADLY work on his campaign! Third time is a charm and I have no doubt he will win. He has been vetted (huge!!!) and what else could they come up with? Nothing! He earned MILLIONS of votes this last time and I believe with the current state of the U.S., he will earn millions more. The man, with all of his business and political experience, most definitely can whip us back into shape. No doubt whatsoever.

    And I agree with the person above, the talk show hosts need to shut the heck up about a possible run for Mitt.

    Now, since the bashing is at an all time high, who for the VP pick???

  • Mitt's the man

    Most decent man to run for the office since Ronald Reagan. His reason for running is so transparent compared to all of his fellow candidates. He truly believes in America and truly believes he can help restore America. Something we had all better hope for before its to damn late!

  • Most presidential candidate

    I have not seen any other candidates even close to the level of competency and goodness or truly cares about the country as much as Mitt Romney. All the others can't quote hide the fact they WANT the presidency for personal and egotistical reasons. Mitt has no need for the job it's clear he simply wished to serve for the betterment of the American people

  • Who else is there?

    It is hard to think of any other candidate that would be able to stand up to Hilary Clinton in the 2016 elections. Most of the Republican contenders right now are the Tea Party right wingers who don't have a chance in the world of pulling in the moderate votes that would be required to beat Hilary, who already has a huge support base.

    Romney is well-known and understood at this point, and is the only candidate who would be able to gain enough popular support to contest with Clinton.

  • He is he only level headed candidate in the Republican Part.

    He is not very good at image crafting, which is why he struggled to gain traction and fight the negative perception created around him. His advisors foolishly held him back, didn't let him speak from the heart -- they managed him. People know him well enough not to get jumpy when they see some weird piece of news, he will be more comfortable and better understand the election process. He's very competent.

  • Why The Heck Would He?

    Obama is not a good president. Debt has gone up, unemployment has barely budged, and there has been NO CHANGE. But we could have done worse, enter Romney. There is nothing wrong with being religious. But The man wears magic Mormon underwear. The Church of The Latter Day Saints borders more on cult than religion. Any man who believes that God lives on the Planet Kolob having sex with thousands of women to continue the human population or that a man found gold plates in the woods and put them in a top hat and everything he said was true. Like the Garden of Eden was in Missouri, Native Americans were originally white and Israeli or that Jesus came to the Americas. Shouldn't HOLD ANY GOVERNMENT POSITION. Religion shouldn't be involved in government anyway.

  • Romney is a stupid man and a total loser.

    You, Romney, looked like a total FOOL by bad-mouthing Mr. Trump. Your one-world government leaders in the GOP and your unconventional tactics just won't work. If push comes to shove, all Trump supporters, including myself, will do a WRITE-IN of TRUMP's name and he still will win. I'd never vote for you, nor for Cruz, nor for Rubio, nor for any other republican, other than Donald Trump, so its a LOSE LOSE all the way around for you and the other cronies (GOP one-world gov. control freaks). Wake up, don't you get it! We don't want the establishment and no way, no how will we Republicans who support Mr. Trump ever vote for any other Republican. Now, if you think you can scare us by saying that Hillary will win if we don't give in to your stupid, oppressive tactics, so be it! Let Hillary win and all the blame goes to YOU AND YOUR UNCONVENTIONAL CRONIES. GET IT??

  • Go here for the insanity of another Romney Run:

    Albert Einstein defined the definition of insanity as doing the same thing over again, expecting different results.

    While a major percentage of Americans, including me, lament that Obama is our President, will we fulfill the definition of insanity by propping up Mitt Romney, yet again, to lose another election? Or will we learn from our Karl Rove mistakes and place a solid and sane leader into The Office Of The Presidency in 2016?

  • Go here for the insanity of another Romney Run:

    Albert Einstein defined the definition of insanity as doing the same thing over again, expecting different results.

    While a major percentage of Americans, including me, lament that Obama is our President, will we fulfill the definition of insanity by propping up Mitt Romney, yet again, to lose another election? Or will we learn from our Karl Rove mistakes and place a solid and sane leader into The Office Of The Presidency in 2016?

  • Romney is a flaming liberal that Republican Conservatives COULD NOT vote for. Here's an article that proves my point.

    Will Mitt Romney Fulfill The Definition Of Insanity?

    Here's the intro: (I copied some paragraphs) Go to that safe link and read the whole thing.

    "The grass roots citizens are fed up with America and are yearning for true representation…not “political” representation. Because of Obama’s actions against the constitution and the fiber of our nation, the citizens have had to get involved to save their country, and are now more involved in the process. I can’t even imagine that the grass roots are going to agree to trade one liberal establishment candidate for another. I believe that there is a movement afoot that will cry out to the mountain tops for authentic constitutional and “sane” representation. Mitt Romney is not that savior. And I mean that literally as you will see at the end of this op-ed.

    Let me remind you of Mr. Romney’s actual record:"

  • No,Mitt Romney should not run in the 2016 election.

    No,Mitt Romney should not run in the 2016 election.First,he is perceived by many as being out of touch.Many may feel like they just can not identify with him and therefore won't vote for him.He also needs more to raise money because running for president in this day and age can be a very expensive proposition.

  • I disagree with this

    Shall have a different person besides obama and romney. Romney is so a strict person and we hate romney just because of his rumors of getting rid of other things that disturb him. They want everything the way they wanted it, not changing again and again. It's not fair to us.

  • No he should not run

    Romney should not run in a national election again because he was part of such an inept campaign in 2012. He would not "go for the juggler vein" in the debates. He could have said "Bain Capital at its worst created less unemployment than Obama at his best. And Obama at his best created fewer jobs than Bain at its worst" However he was to reserved, and it cost him. A person needs to be both suited and experienced to be President. Romney had only one of those qualities.

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