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  • Mix red & blue and you can create purple, Is purple blue?

    When you mix red & blue u can create the colour purple; is purple blue? Exactly, I don’t know why biracial people cry about not being considered fully black, White asian etc as if they have to be accepted into one racial group when biologically they have their own racial group as a biracial. It also comes off as very disrespectful when biracial people dismiss and don’t acknowledge one race & only care to identify with the other.

  • They are mixed with black.

    When you are mixed, you are considered to be what ever ethnicities you are mixed with. For example, I am mixed with Asian and White so I consider myself Asian and white. Often times, people disregard one of the races and just refer to themselves as white, or black, or Asian and I do not think that is right.

  • No, not necessarily

    They should be consider multi-racial or bi-racial like they are. If they ask to be identified white, than they'll be white. If they ask to be identified black, they'll be black. Some mixed children don't even know either the black or the white side of their family which also factors in. I believe that if they don't identify as one race while growing up than they'll have the characteristics and qualities of both/all races they are.

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DatAzian says2013-11-19T14:05:02.240
This is racist.
Antiphone says2014-03-04T06:55:56.903
Why are people so hung up on "race". It is hardly the most pressing issue humanity has to face. Cultural is a far more important determinant of what a person is and will become. What does it matter how these kids choose to identify themselves? I wish I was going to live long enough to see a world where the skin you wear is no more remarkable than the colour of the blouse you put on.