• Absolutely, of course, no doubt

    I live in Pittsburgh and I am amazed that every time I turn on MLB Network it is the Yankees signing someone new. First it was Ellsbury, then McCann, then Beltran, then Tanaka? The Pirates' best pickup was Edinson Volquez who sucks. It is 100% unfair for all of the teams.

  • Need a salary cap!!!

    It just isn't fair that teams like the Yankees and red Soxs have a sort cut to the world series every year because they buy their way instead of working hard. All of the world series that the Yankees have won should be taken away along with all the other teams that have bought the championships. The Pittsburgh Pirates and Tampa Bay Devil Rays are a prime examples of how teams need to work to make it to the top. You don't see them buying a championship or successful season. Its through hard work.

  • Not even a debate

    Fantasy sports are all the rage right now. Imagine if you sat down with 11 of your friends and participated in an AUCTION format draft. How long would you participate in that league if one or two teams get their choice of all of the best rated players first simply bc they are allowed to outbid you on every player they want bc they have more money than you and then you get to pick your team from the players who are left over? I bet not too long. Sure, you may end up with a surprise sleeper or a bounce back vet that makes your team compete, but guess when, when that next season comes up, they will outbid you for those guys too. It's just not a fair system. The system in place shows that the league is more about the money than the integrity of the game. It will take something drastic to get it changed though. With a salary cap, finally, arguments can be made over who has better systems, training, and coaching in place. You can't make the argument that teams like the Yankees are good bc of their coaching and what not. They are good bc they pretty much get their choice of players every season.

  • Yes it does

    It's awful that the Yankees can go out and sign guys like McCann, Ellsbury, Beltran, and Tanaka, while some teams would be lucky to reel in just one of those players in an offseason. Teams like the Pirates and Cardinals with smaller payrolls have to focus on their farm system in order to succeed, and while that works it would be so much fairer for the Yankees to have to do the same. Yankees sign players like I do on Madden without a salary cap.

  • Everyone Else Does

    Every other major sports league in the United States has a salary cap to even the playing field. Major League Baseball has yet to do that. A salary cap won't happen anytime soon unless the New York Yankees win 15 World Series in a row with their huge payroll. MLB is in a unique position--they are truly a free market league that every season proves smaller salaried teams can compete with the "big dogs." See the recent successes of the St. Louis Cardinals, Milwaukee Brewers and Pittsburgh Pirates as examples.

  • Level The Playing Field

    It makes the sport more exciting, and stops teams from buying a World Series. It would be awesome if there was a 150 million dollar salary cap or around that amount. The players would still be living the American dream, but maybe over time the fans would have more opportunities to go to a game without breaking the bank, I love going to games but hate paying 500$ for me and my family to get decent seats and paying for beverages and food. Why is the NFL so more popular, I know it is more popular, but salary caps make the sport an equal battle field. Look at the Super bowl differences compared to World series wins. You can earn both a Super bowl and a World series but you can buy a World series. Just look at the Yankees payroll and there success. PERIOD

  • Yes There Should be an MLB salary cap

    MLB Salary Cap
    By Taber Caron

    Did you know that Alex Rodriguez gets about $59,000 for every time he steps up to the plate.I bet you wished that you got that type of money for just standing there with a bat in your hand. The New York Yankees can afford to spend that much money on a player. The teams like the Royals don’t have that type of money though. The Royals have not made the playoffs since 1985. The MLB should put a salary cap into place. It would prevent the teams like the Yankees and Red Sox from getting all the big name players and the Royals and Indians getting lottery picks on a regular basis. It would level the playing field across the board for all of the teams.

    A salary cap is an agreement or rule that places a limit on the amount of money that a sporting club can spend on player salaries. The limit exists as a per-player limit or a total limit for the team's roster, or both. A luxury tax in professional sports is a surcharge put on the aggregate payroll of a team to the extent to which it exceeds a predetermined guideline level set by the league

    A salary cap would make all of the teams fair and give an equal chance for every team to get to the ultimate goal and win the world series. A salary cap would make some of the higher salary teams like the Yankees to either get the players on their team with big contracts to take less money or to some of the lower salary teams that can afford them. I am positive that those players who make millions will be happy to move to a worse team just for more money. When you are used to getting 30 million dollars a year and then your pay is cut in half I’m sure you will move to a team that can afford them. This will give the teams you usually come in last place and who have the least salary to have a chance to win it all. The games will also be like a playoff game. If every team has a playoff caliber squad then the games would be closer and more enjoyable for the fans on both teams. In the past 10 years only 3 teams with a salary under 100 million dollars have won the world series. If set the cap at 100 million dollars then the teams over that cap would have to let go some of their stars to the lesser salary teams. Right now the only chance that teams with less money have to make a run at the trophy is sabermetrics. Sabermetrics is the specialized analysis of baseball through objective evidence, especially baseball statistics that measure in-game activity. If your team had to rely on that and that was their only hope wouldn’t you want that too?

  • Most definitely

    The biggest flaw with Major League Baseball is the lack of a salary cap. It's pretty obvious, too. I mean, the same teams win all the time, and some teams are confined to the bottom for life because they can't afford to pay the entire annual Austrian military budget for one player. That's the only reason why the Yankees and Cardinals win so many World Series - they have infinite money when compared to the other teams. Having a salary cap would equal the entire playing field, just like it does in the NFL. Yes, I know the Buffalo Bills haven't been to the playoffs in forever. But if they get a better coach and GM, they can turn things around in as little as two years. The Detroit Lions went from 0-16 to a playoff team in that time. In baseball, that's impossible because there are only five playoff spots in each league and the Yankees and Cardinals almost always have one locked up quickly. Yeah, they don't always win the World Series, but they're eating a good chunk of the league's playoff revenue. The sport needs to be far more competitive than it is because that will reinvigorate interest in smaller markets and increase attendance to the perennial losers. Really, the answer is simple. Have eight teams from the NL and eight from the AL make the playoffs. Institute a salary cap so teams can turn things around in a few years and so the same teams don't make the playoffs every year. That way, the sport will be less boring to follow. It gets tiring seeing the same teams win and the same teams lose, and that needs to change. The lack of a salary cap is what has been killing baseball, and it's what will continue to kill baseball unless it is changed in the near future.

  • 90% of World Series teams have had Top 10 salary.

    Of course this is true. Statistically irrefutable except for the liars and delusional. If you spend correctly and a lot, you're a potential playoff bound team. This is why I've only gone to 3 baseball games in the last 15 years and 1 of those was paid for. I love the game, but refuse to contribute to a game where statistically my team is in the lower class. Makes no sense. It like dumb (owners that put up with it) and dumber (the fans that actually year after year pay money for a lower class team). I don't enjoy watching football as much, but tend to gravitate to this sport more than any other because of the salary cap. Can't deny it.

  • We should have salary caps

    I am a brewers fan, and because we’re a small big city (big, but small compared to like Boston) we haven’t won a very recent championship, but Chicago has a lot of money, and loook at what there doing!
    I say it’s unfair. Go brew crew, and if you think not well then don’t argue with me

  • Not a chance.

    MLB has never had a salary cap, and just because a team has no money doesn't mean that they won't do well. Teams with money won't always win, the reason the Cardinals and Yankees always win is because they know who to get and how to play and they have the right training program compared to alot of other teams. Teams like the A's or the Rockies just suck because....They don't know who to get. One player could make their team great, but if you put CC Sabathia, Albert Pujols, David Freese and every other good player on 1 team, they're not going to do very well. You don't need all stars, you need good players who can hit and catch, and if they can't make it with just a few good players, they don't have any idea how to play the game the right way. It's not about money, it's about knowing who to get.

  • No.

    The lack of a salary cap is what makes the MLB unique amongst the other major league sports (extraordinarily long season aside). It is part of the tradition of the league itself, and the free market is what makes it so good. If a team wants to win, the owner has to be willing to pony up.

  • No Salary Cap

    Let the free market reign supreme. The team spending the most money doesn't always win. The salary level to field a championship caliber team is well below that of the highest MLB payroll.

    MLB has a luxury tax imposed on the higher salaried teams above a certain amount that is distributed to the lower salaried teams. I have read stories about teams receiving luxury tax funds having a lower payroll than the amount of funds they got from the luxury tax. It's not the amount being spent, it's the team being assembled and not utilizing funds at the team's disposable that causes a team not to be competitive.

  • They Shouldn't Have A Salary Cap

    MLB does not need a salary cap. They haven't had one this long and been doing pretty well. If owners want to pay players a lot of money than so be it. If they don't want to then that is fine too. There is no need to limit how much players can make or teams can spend.

  • No salary cap?? Hell no!

    Look up what the Luxury tax is and get back to me. If the MLB had a Salary cap the game would be so much less competitive, if a team like the yankees decide to go over the threshold they are going to have to pay that money back to the league. With out luxury tax you wouldn't be able to buy peanuts and hotdogs at the games. All that money that the tams pay for going over goes back to the league to buy all that stuff. I like me some peanuts at a baseball game. If you say yes you don't get peanuts.

  • No salary cap needed

    MLB does not need a salary cap. It's their own money, they should be allowed to spend it how they want. If the Yankees want to spend 30 mil a year on a washed up A-Rod let them do it. It's not the Dodgers and Yankees fault the slapdick Houston Astros can't draw a crowd. If a team can make a lot of money, they should be allowed to spend the money.

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