• Human error is a burden

    Human error can make a bad call on the game. This could put the losing team as a winning team and make their hard worked hours worth it. By leaving it to Human Error and not using state of the art technology we are allowing deals to be made with the human. Secret deals could cost everything for a team which deserved, worked hard, and earned what should have been a first place. Instant replays are already being used in Basketball and other sports. The way I see it, if we have the technology to better something and it doesn't have many setbacks, do it. It will benefit everything. How would like to argue with your friend on a call which was wrong because they didn't use an instant replay. Instant replays would also eliminate much of the fighting in the crowds of stands and make the game more enjoyable for everyone.

  • They need to eliminate politics.

    When a base runner steels second and is called out but on replay filed with New York it shows he is safe and New York called him out. If were going to have replays they need to be unbiased. There needs to be replays so a teem doesn't lose a game by a bad call. This happened in the White Sox/Huston game June 10.

  • MLB should use instant replay

    I am absolutely in favor of MLB using instant replay when making calls. Currently they are made by umpires subject to human error and who are accountable to no one but themselves. Mistakes have been made in the past between calling "safe" vs. "out", or vice versa, that can make or break a game. Imposing an instant replay allows for clarification in this, which is better for the game, and for fans.

  • Yes to Instant Replay

    Because umpires are human, which means they are not perfect, nor can they see everything all the time. Just as in other sports that use instant replay, and have for years, it would help baseball in deciding close plays that are either called wrong initially, or can be seen from better or different angles to correct or make calls right. It has been a good and effective thing in football for years now, and would be good and effective in baseball as well.

  • Yes they should

    What if the umpire can not see to make the call at home because of all the dust. The runner was out is what the umpire said but the runner beat the throw to home and is called out and the coach gets through out of the game because the umpire made the wrong.

  • Yes they should use it

    It is really hard to get to a world series or far into the playoffs in baseball and when a team gets screwed by the umpires it really isnt fair to the fans who spend all the money on tickets, merchandise, etc. As well as the players who train there whole life to get to the situation they are in. Just because people want to keep the human element in the game? Get real. There will probably be less than 5 challenges per game and will probably speed up the game instead of the managers out and yelling at the umpires for 5 minutes. Instant Replay has been successful in all the other sports and makes the game fair.

  • Yes, MLB should use instant replay.

    I don't think baseball comes up with controversial calls as much as other sports, but nevertheless it should use instant replay when they do. Instant replay allows a closer look at the play, and makes the decision less subjective because even the referee that made the call can get a second look. Some people think it is tedious, but I think it adds to the fun of the game and helps people learn the technicalities involved in the calls that are made. Spectators can then argue the calls themselves and that just adds to the fun.

  • Yes, MLB should use instant replay.

    It has been proven that instant replay works to the good of the game in the NFL, it should also be put to use in Major League Baseball. I think each manager should get only one challenge per game. I do not think the referees blow a call more often then once per game. There should also be a booth review for all calls, with the booth official able to 'page or buzz' the officials on the playing field should a call need to be reviewed.

  • Yes, the MLB should use instant replay

    Other sports use instant replay, why should baseball be any different? There are many benefits to using instant replay, ensuring accurate ref calls and saving time to name a few. There seem to be a lot of factors in baseball that are different than other sports, for example, the fact that MLB is pretty much a monopoly. The MLB should use instant replay as it would be a great benefit for pro-baseball.

  • Shot Clock too?

    There's a reason baseball hasn't used a baseball verison of a shot clock or a game timer despite the technology that has come about since baseball began. It's because it would defeat the purpose of the game. Baseball is a traditional sport that has yet to see a dramatic change to blend with other sports until now. Why now? Why ever? MLB has stuck with wooden bats even after all of these years of R&D on newer, better bats that would make every hit a home run. Why have the bats remained wooden? Tradition. Keeping the grace of the game intact.

  • The game needs tradition

    Baseball was a game built off of tradition. Human error is what makes the game more enjoyable. Complaining about a bad call with your friends can be fun, and its better if the bad call is in your favor and your friend is a fan of the opponents. Also, instant replay will slow down the game to the point where it could go on an extra hour. There needs to at least be a limit on reviews.

  • No, MLB should no use instant replay.

    "Baseball is like life, it ain't perfect," said Brandon Phillips, second baseman for the Reds. Having instant replay will completely take out the use for umpires. The human element of baseball is what makes the sport so great. Lastly, THREE challenges a game? That's a little overboard. I don't think three challenges a month would be a bad idea to prevent calls like Jim Joyce's "safe" from destroying the dreams of a perfect game.

  • MLB Should Not Use Instant Replay

    I do not like the idea of LB using instant replay. The game is meant to be played without it. Baseball games are already very slow and long. Using instant replay will just make it worse. Stopping play to see if the pitcher through a strike or if the runner was out would get repetitive and annoying.

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Bashers says2017-03-07T02:31:53.177
I think they need to use, i think its called the magic eye, to call balls an strikes. Take human error out of the equation. Just using the magic eye will speed up the game.