• Mma is definitely a sport

    My son has been training mixed martial arts for over two years now, and has more dedication to his chosen sport than some of his friends/classmates that participate in the more traditional sports. He works hard, sweats his tail off, comes home hurt... But gets up the next day to do it all over again. He competes... Wins and loses and learns from each match or competition. Mostly importantly he his heart! Heart and determination! If he didn't he wouldn't have stuck with it this long. For those of you who think differently I challenge you to talk to anyone who trains MMA, open your eyes and realize the word "sport" can and does apply to many different things besides games played on fields and courts. I dare you to tell any young mixed martial artist that it is just a phase they are going through.... Mixed martial arts just may and can change that young persons life. I know it did with my son.

  • Yes, MMA should be considered a sport

    MMA is a very physical and rigorous activity. It requires a great deal of skill and physical ability, strength and endurance. It is somewhat similar to boxing and if boxing is consider a sport, why shouldn't MMA? It seems to be the commonality among all activities considered to be sports are that they require a great deal of physical ability. MMA requires a great deal of physical ability and as a result could be considered a sport.

  • Yes

    Just like any other sport, it requires training, strategy, and skill. The people who participate in this sport work just as hard to maintain their body and mind so they can perform at their best during the fights, the same as a football or baseball player would. It is most definitely a sport.

  • Yes MMA is a sport

    Mixed Martial Arts are a competition that people train years for. They spend time, energy and effort in the attempt to become the best that they can be. The winners of competitions have to have the most stamina and best technique, just as people competing in any other individual sport must have.

  • Of course.

    MMA is absolutely a sport. Men train for years, honing their body into the ultimate fighting tool. They train, use their athletic prowess, the mental capabilities, and compete to make it to the top. There is absolutely nothing in there that would suggest that they are not athletes, and athletes compete in sports.

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