Should MMA fighter "War Machine" be banned from fighting after the alleged domestic assault of his ex-girlfriend Christy Mack?

  • Duh! Is this a joke?

    If he was in Ultimate Fighting, he'd be done. Dana would never allow this shriveled genital maniac into an octagon ever again. What a joke, I can't believe it's even a question. Hopefully he gets what he deserves while in prison and it involves a long mop handle, granted it will take an entire gang to get it done.

  • Yes, he should.

    He should be in jail and shouldn't be allowed to fight again. I think these sports encourage men to take illegal substances and that then encourages roid rage and contributes to domestic abuse. I think he should be banned for the sport especially if he is convicted on these charges.

  • Equal treatment for Attempted murder

    Everyone Who has passed judgment on this fighter knows that if it were them they would more than likely be charged with an attempted murder charge. That is exactly what has happened here, so The man needs to be charged accordingly and do his time like a man. Those people Who think he should be allowed to fight again have never had their mother, sister, girlfriend, or friend beaten half to death. Perhaps look at it in that perspective. Lets get real, this is at least a 10 year offense. How many times has a woman been murdered after their abuser gets out of prison? Far too many and we all know that to be true, so frankly I am afraid for Mack when he gets out. She will have taken 10 years of his life and he's going to want payback. How many of you think he will use that anger in the cage? These MMA fighters who have multiple convictions for abuse should not be able to fight, period. Any rational person would agree. Stringent testing for steroids and Keeping domestic violence out of MMA is just the right thing to do, and being the least regulated "sport" is just ridiculous..A message must be sent to every fighter. The fact is, is that even one instance of abuse is one too many.

  • YES, yes and yes

    The guy has mental issues and no self control, that's clear.
    I'm sure there are athletes/fans that just love fighting because of the adrenaline, and as a sport; but - IMO - fighters should be screened for mental disorders, because otherwise this people get into fighting just to take out their frustrations, violence and unhappiness. That's not sane and they become a ticking bomb, just like this guy.

  • If hes proven guilty, then yes

    Somone on he no side has pointed out that Mike Tyson was convicted and sentenced for rape, and was still allowed to fight. It doesn't matter if it was in is personal life, there is no excuse for it, and he should have been banned, no matter how successful he was, he was a bad role model for treating his wife like that. The same should happen to anyone who is found guilty of an assault charge or more

  • Let justice be done

    In the justice system. First, let the facts come out before jumping to judgement. If he is guilty, he should face the full weight of the law for his crimes, as an everyday Joe would. Once he serves his sentence, he should be allowed to pursue his career of choice.

  • He should go to jail but.....

    Mixed martial arts go against the philosophy of what the martial arts in their traditions were meant to be used for,Reguardless of weather you do a striking art,or grappling art.Martial arts were designed for self defense not to destroy one another in a sporting sense.War machine fits the class of martial sport rather than art because he is a dishonorable nutjob.For his attacks on that woman he should go to jail definitely.Ban him from MMA? Better for him to fight an opponent that will hit back rather than a defenseless woman

  • No he should not

    He should go get some anger management and maybe have a brief period where he needs to go to therapy and cannot fight until he is done, but work shouldn't punish people for things that didn't happen on the clock. Not even if they are on television or whatever. Unless there is a contract he signed that he would have good behavior outside of the MMA, then a contract is a contract.

  • No, other professional athletes have done much worse and have not been banned

    One of the most prolific athletes in the fight world was Mike Tyson. He had alleged domestic violence issues with his then wife Robin Givens, he was also charged, convicted and sentenced for rape. He was not banned then. Although this is a different day and age since Tyson's career, what you do outside of your profession should not have such ramifications to your career.

  • Im not sure

    Firstly I don't believe one has anything to do with the other. We are talking about damaging someones career because of how he conducts his personal life. On the other hand, this person is in the public eye and has a responsibility to conduct himself in an acceptable manner and set a good example.

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