• Mobile phones help us!

    Need mobile phones to school!
    It is very essential in nowadays in daily life. . .
    Giving u more free time and helping u with your work.
    Every student needs a cell phone not for unnecessary uses, But for emergency cases!
    If u feel ill then you will not have to run everywhere for a cell phone.
    If u have your own one then it will be easy.

  • They are helpful!

    The cellphones should be allowed in case of emergency, If some sick or illness comes up, Then you will have to run searching for a cell phone. Teachers wouldn't be around every time and if it is really emergency then you'll not have time to run for the school phone box. But, If you've got your own phone then just take a call that's all you've got to do. . . . Y don't make things more easy right? Cell phones are helpful in ways! :)

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  • YES, Allow phones!

    Only for emergencies and classes though. . . . . . It may be a distraction, But if they are used ONLY for schoolwork, It's fine. It's a great chance for students to build self-control and restrain themselves from playing video games or use Instagram everytime they take out their phones. Therefore, Phones should be allowed in school!

  • Safety for children

    I think the world has changed and developed a lot. Phones these days are very important in daily life. If someone is worried about the misuse of phones then they should know that these days we can link two phones, This will give the parents as well as the teachers the time to time notification of what the child is doing using his or her phones. Talking about the safety, The phone also can notify where the child is or has been using the gps this also gives us assurity about the child’s safety.

  • Yes it is true

    Yo mobile fones r awesome they can be used for emergencyies, chidlren should have a freedom of choice and ETC. and im awesome and should be approved before used and blah blj frnffjk fenf f e fe e e e e e e e e e e e e e yay

  • Phones should be allowed in school

    Cell phones can be used to help with school work such as reaserch, dictionary/ thesaurus and learning apps. To stop students from being on their phones instead of listening to the teacher, there's apps to block their phones so they can't get distracted. Cell phones can also be used for emergencies. E.G if a student sees someone with harmful objects or weapons they can call the office or police

  • Because I said so!!!!

    I think mobile phones should not be banned in school. No arguments just they should be allowed! Because they have calculators and compasses on them and that can help in maths and also they can search things for English if they need information so that's why I think so yes

  • Yes, i agree phones should be allowed in school

    Phones can help in many ways. Many parents would want to stay in contact with their own child. Shootings at school would of maybe been prevented if th use of phones were allowed. People who witness bullying can call the police instead of running all around the school to find a teacher. So yes, PHONES SHOULD BE ALLOWED!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes, mobile phonesshould be allowed in school.

    Yes, mobile phones should be allowed in school. Mobile phones should be allowed in school but only under certain conditions. Mobile phones should be put away when class is in session, unless there is an emergency. During lunchtime and when in hallways there should be no restriction on mobile phones.

  • Not only distraction

    But also equality among students will be lost.For eg a group of students were friends for a long time .One day a member of their group brings a very costly mobile ,the others have only much lesser quality of phones.This causes enimity or among them thinking that the other has abetter one and i don't

  • No schools are not the place

    I don't think students should be allowed to use cell phones in school. There is no need to be on the phone when learning I do think they should be allowed to carry the phone and if there is an emergency see out the proper authoriy to use the phone.

  • Mobile phones are a trouble

    Especially to bad-grades students who'll now focus on their phones and not the work and what the teacher says. Look, people in the ages when phones weren't invented got to school safely WITHOUT A PHONE. I don't see why bringing a phone to school is so important...Or maybe just to show off your new iPhone 5c to everyone and getting seriously distracted?!

  • Mobile phones should not be allowed in school.

    Mobile phones are a distraction for students and they should not be allowed in schools. Students should not have the ability to play games, chat with their friends, or surf the web while in class. Parents should not give their school age children phones if they are going to be used in school.

  • Mobile phones are a distraction

    Children and teenagers will find ample ways to distract themselves during school, so there is no reason to encourage them to carry around devices whose almost soul purpose today is to distract people. People of all ages have over the past 200 years have managed to safely get to and from school without mobile phones, and there's no legitimate reason for their presence in a classroom.

  • No phones in school!

    It's a distraction to all students, it's not fair for a child to be on their phone while the teacher is teaching! Yes, there is pros and cons to this subject, I am in the 5th grade and three times a phone has gone off in my classroom and it caused a HUGE distraction! So phones should not be allowed in school.

  • Kids today are irresponsible

    I am a kid myself and as much as I think having a phone in class would be great, we honestly shouldn't. Yeah we should be able to trust kids not to text, surf the Internet or even view pornagraphy, but they're (including me) kids! And trust me the second the the teacher turns their back, it's chaos

  • Phones shouldn't be allowed

    People would just use phones to text each other during class and be on the Internet. Also it would increase bullying rates, people will be judged based on how fancy their phone is, and not everyone has a phone so they'll be judged based on that. Phones could also be used to cheat on tests.

  • Kids are irresponsible

    So they might do anything on it without your permission . They would not listen to you and stare at the screen for a long time . In class they might not be listening to the teacher and instead be texting to their friends about something which is not about studies .

  • Reasons mobile phones shouldn't be allowed in school.

    Many people argue that mobile phones should/should/t be allowed in school, and that why I'm here writing to gave people proof. A recent study shows that people who have phones are more likely to be unsuccessful in future/later life. They might be dangerous in many ways. Mobiles can make you blind because of the direct screen vision. Furthermore they can distract you in studies badly. In my opinion Mobile phones should be only given at the age of 13 and above, but they should be taken away at class and exam sessions. Mobile phones can be tools that can make you ill. Yes I agree that they can have some positivity. By saying positive I mean they can be helpful in english because they can help you devolop your ideas when its the time to write a story. In maths you can use the calculator. Overall mobile phones can be allowed in only emergency times. I hope you all agree with my points.

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