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  • Phones should be allowed in school

    If in danger your children can reach you or call an medical provider. You can also know your kids whereabouts. 48% parents monitor their kids. People say that the ring tone is distracting but, but your kid could turn the phone off. If your kid is new to the school and does not know were his/her classes he /she can look in there phone for the school map. So I think that kids should be able to have phones at school.So you parents that said not think you might need to rethink your inputs

  • Cell Phones Should Be in Schools

    I believe cell phones should be allowed in schools. The problem with phones in schools, is the students misuse of it during class. Students need to learn responsibility when it comes to these items, otherwise they will lose the right to have them in the classrooms. I think they're handy and can be used in beneficial ways, but they can be far more harmful if they are misused during class.

  • They will get distrated

    Having cellphones in school is distraction for the student learning and future.School is for learning not for being on phones . Cellphones are for communication and emergency not for school.Some people say that cellphones are great for school but they are not for school there for emergency not for school

  • Schools are not entertaining zones.

    I don't think that schools should allowed students to use mobile phones. First of all, mobile phone can be really disturbing while studying. Specially with all the features offered in the cell phones it is really a attention taker. It also effect students around them who are really trying to pay attention.

  • No reason for a mobile phone in school.

    For years and years, school aged children went to school, had classes and went home without needing the use of a mobile phone. There is absolutely no logical reason that one would be needed in school period! I personally got through school just fine without needing a phone to do so. If there was an issue and I needed to call home, I either one, used the office phone, or two, used the pay telephone that was in the lobby!

  • Children cheat in school

    Children can take pictures of tests and sell them to others. They allow others to not have to learn anything in the classroom and have their work done for them. It ruins the whole point of school and education in schools. Why are we paying tax dollars for school when they don't learn anything?

  • Mobile phones should not be allowed in schools.

    Mobile phones should not be allowed in schools. Students should not be allowed to have cell phones in school or class. They are just a huge distraction for the teachers and staff that are trying to teach classes. Also a lot of students would lose their phones during the day and that would be a pain for the parents.

  • Mobile phones should not be allowed in schools.

    Kids should not have mobile phones in school. Students should be respectful to their teachers and they should not use their phones during class. It is very disrespectful to use a phone for talking or playing games in class. Teachers should confiscate any phones that their students try to use.

  • No Mobile Phones in Our Schools

    In our schools, mobile phones have no use because they're a distraction. Students should be allowed to carry them on their person, however; use during class should be a punishable act. Too many students pull out their phones and disrupt the classroom on a regular basis, which isn't fair to everyone else.

  • They should not.

    Mobile phones should not be allowed in schools. They detract from the ability for kids to learn, because students are spending more time on their phones when they should be spending that time learning. People made it through school without cell phones in that past, and they can make it through now.

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