• Why are they needed

    If people have a phone in school they aren't going to concentrate on their school work. They will get low grades from this and from not listening and understanding what the teacher is saying. People who walk home may need them but if they have an expensive phone with them they may be attacked because of it. If you go to a shopping center or somewhere else you find a way of getting in contact. The same will apply. Or if your in school and need to get in contact with your family you can easily go to the office and use their phone. But parents know where there child is when the student is under the age of 18.

  • Mobile phones have no place in schools.

    These children nowadays are out of control. I believe that beepers and mobile phones
    should be banned from schools. If children have an emergency at home, they can
    always be reached through the school office.
    Also, in the case of an emergency, children can be located quickly
    because they are supposed to always be in a certain classroom at a certain

  • Mobile phone is like a drug

    Mobile phone can destroy your eyes, make you addicted, it can make you fail in exams because of not studying and also being lazy in class. Mobile phone should be used for education, instead many people use it for bad stuff like accessing youtube or internet that is uneccessary and like also using it and it can make you addicted and you will not listen to the teachers, subject and eventually fail in tests

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  • Children misuse the gaget

    When children get mobile they give their whole time to that. And are not give time to their family members. So, The children are far away from their general life.
    And are away from study and seen many other thing in youtube like videos, Song etc. And open social media when you studying. So, Could disturb our and put them into a big destroying hole. So, Keep it away from us.

  • Of course, They are needed!

    As a school child we should be protected by our parents, But in school, Our parents are not there to protect us or take care of us, We need to take care of our self. We can not do that without a buddy by our side.
    Now let's say someone or a child got kidnapped while they're in school if the school teachers were not there would be no one to look after the poor child, But if he or she had a mobile phone she would be able to call the teachers or his or her own parents.
    That why I disagree with the statement that says that mobile phones should be banned in schools.

  • Phones are the devil in disguise

    Phones turn us into brainless zombies. . . . . They won't get us into college or a job. . . . . Schools must be tech free. . . . Is phones worth failing? Our only friends we have is on Facebook. . . . . Why we need to socialize and get to k ow each other and study to achieve what we want no more phones

  • Mobile phones should be banned

    Mobile phones provide a source of communication, A wealth of information and a valuable tool. The question is, Should they be entering the classroom where there are peers to communicate with, Teachers who are a wealth of information and a plethora of learning tools? Mobile phones are becoming a distraction not just in the classroom but in the playground as well.

  • It is distracting

    Imagine if you are doing your work, You are not disturbed or anything, And then someone's phone rings really loudly, See, It is really annoying and distracting. Plus students can use phones to cheat in tests which is just unacceptable and wrong, Because instead of thinking, You are just using Google or texting your friends which is also totally unfair!

  • Mobile phones help :)

    See if phones were banned there will be no help if you are in danger and you will be shut off from the world. Mobile phones can also help you learn in school . We also need them because you need to keep in touch with parents and siblings .

  • No, only during class

    Mobile phones should be banned during class, but not from schools altogether. There is still some need for students to have contact with family while at school especially at the higher levels. The classroom is not an appropriate place for phones but between classes or after school should be okay.

  • Mobile phones should not be banned

    All we know children"s mind is like a clay. Isn't it? So, good things should be taught for them. Mobile can also be used in areas like for calculating as a calculator, for the purpose of learning as internet. & even children can use it for contacting in emergency cases. So, they should have cellphones with them.

  • No, only during class

    Mobile phones should be banned during class, but not from schools altogether. There is still some need for students to have contact with family while at school especially at the higher levels. The classroom is not an appropriate place for phones but between classes or after school should be okay.

  • Phones should not be banned

    When it comes to our modern society, phones are now a part of this, Banning them in schools would cause a child to feel like they have lost part of their identity. It is also incredibly difficult for a school to enforce such a ban and do some good limiting what the child can do at school. Freedom and personal responsibilty is needed to be allowed.

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  • Mobile Phones Should not be Banned in Schools.

    There are many reasons why mobile pones should not be banned. In countries like Singapore, Students use their phones in class for educational purposes such as doing research or doing quizzes on www. Kahoot. It. Moreover, In Countries like America, Many schools have lifted the ban on phones so that students can inform the police and their parents about school shootings etc. These are 2 of the many reasons why mobile phones should not be banned in schools.

  • No they should not

    Mobile phones are more than "shiny flashy devices" they can be a hand held dictionary, They can have scientific instruments on them, A calendar, And if a student needs to take a photo of the board they can do it too! It's important to remember that students are not just glued to their phone if they have the ability to have it in class, You can't group teens into one generalization.

  • Mobile phone is used so eye was destroyed

    Yes because the mobile phone is not allowed for school 🏫 because you have used the mobile phone so you study and you are not passed the exam of good marks and parents was also saying Ki you have not used mobile phone in school 🏫 also you have study

  • This is a stupid debate

    Instead of debating about this as adults who haven't grown up with phones and all the technology. Why don't you start taking points from the kids that this is affecting. Our school rules are that phones are on silent or off, just like a cinema but they are allowed out if we listen to music, or are out of lessons if phones are banned completely and some of the children involved in that are actually addicted to there phones, don't you think they'll act out more, be more violent, and cause more distress and disruption to other students and teachers.

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