• Mobile phones are incredibly helpful

    Saying that mobile phones should not be used means saying that the cons of mobile phones outweigh the pros, and this is certainly not the case. Sure, mobile phones do tend to make in-person contact less vital, but it surely does not eliminate it, nor does the existence of mobile phones count on the extinction of old-fashioned socializing. Imagine a world without mobile phones, where in order to reach a person you would need to either track them down, or send an email (if that's still allowed), both of which would lose you an awful lot of time.

    Mobile phones are bringing us together, not driving us away. Thanks to them we can socialize even more than before, both in-person and over the phone, so I think that they should certainly be used.

  • They are good

    Mobile phones radically change the lifestyle of people. There is n debate about this, they are a great portable way to get some work done, and also allow you to talk with your friends on the go. This question specifically says mobile phones, so it isn't solely inclusive to smart phones. THERE IS NO DEBATE!

  • Yes yes yes

    Smart phone are very use ful us because without smart phone we don't arrive this world smart phone like a small computer we see video capture a pic and listing music and leaning because ka help off app this a great invantion off science without my mobile I don't traveled any where Because smart phone has a lot off advantage it give a right

  • Mobile phones are changing how we live, in a mostly positive way.

    Mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, small laptops, smart watches and wearable computing are revolutionizing our lives. They are making it easier to communicate on the go. Which can be very important, especially in emergencies. They can help people meet up and talk for free without charges via messaging apps. Through facebook and twitter people can keep up with what their friends are doing and also current events in the world.
    News aggregators make reading the news easier and totally free. Calendar apps help people organise and manage themselves. Note-taking ones are self explanatory an can have many uses. Maps, email, live stock market updates. You can buy things from amazon while sitting in a cafe. You can talk on skype, listen to the radio anywhere, watch movies and even TV in some cases,
    I can play games, learn through many educational apps, access Wikipedia and more. I can watch YouTube videos, listen to music, tune my guitar. If I hear a song I can use an app to find out what song it is. I can auto-tune myself or check the dictionary.
    Also I can take photos, read books and magazines as well as getting live sports updates. At the touch of a finger I can see weather forecasts and reports, I can learn new languages via duolingo or other similar apps. If I have a question I can click on the quora app and off I go.
    I get all my podcasts too. If I wanted I can look at my BMI or use a fitness app to plan my daily routine. I can check currency exchange rates or translate something into english or another language.
    There is so much mobile devices can do and I have only named some of it. Yes we should use phones. They help us a lot in our daily lives.

  • Yes yes yes

    Look, mobile phones have been a huge jump in technology. This helps many people around the world with business, socializing, and to stay connected. People should be able to do what they want with cell phones. This is not a serious issue at all. In fact not a real debate. People will obviously still be looking at there surroundings.

  • Not at all...

    People think only of themselves and keep texting or talking to others on the phone rather than talking to people in your surroundings. Mobile phones cut the interaction with the people to the outer world. People stay only in the world of technology of texting. Mainly, children must be set free from this hideous thing and must concentrate in studies....

  • No phones should not be used

    It could harm your body, (with harmful radiation, brain cancer , and not good for eyes). There is no use of using cell phones in villages when there is no wifi or network. Even if u have 4d network it won't work most of the time. It could harm your body in many ways and also it will waste your important time in world, while sitting/laying down on your bed.

  • Obsessed with phone

    People become more obsessed with phone. Actually mobile phone has a good points which is to contact people who live far away and we can find out more things but most people misused phone. They contact people who live far away yet forget those who live around them and become more concentrated on the one who's not near them. They won't pay attention when people is talking. A lot of people even forget about their health when they're playing. There's already many cases on how a lot of people die from playing and forget eating and sleeping. Personally, i think mobile phones should stay the way they were in the past. Coz mobile phones can ruin people's relationship, makes gap in family's relation and also our interaction with others.

  • It is dangerous

    This new technological world has new inventions, mobile is one of them. But the use and importance have not understood by any one, well to say that mobile is exploiting the people by various application which have made too much bad things but taking the useful side of mobile we can achieve something as so many things can be known by internet of mobile & i can't tell that mobile should not be used but for bad things it should not be used

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