Should mobile wireless-device users start practicing some etiquette in public?

  • Wireless device users should adhere to basic ethics and etiquette when using their devices in public, just like anyone else that's having a conversation.

    Asking users of wireless technology to practice etiquette in public would be a good start toward curbing inconsiderate behavior, suck as loudly talking in public areas and ringers going off in theaters. Although, I have a suspicion that the device isn't the one responsible for the lack of etiquette. The person who owns it is.

    Posted by: BrownDustin82
  • People are constantly having inappropriate, private conversations in public.

    Having a discussion in public makes for many socially awkward situations that affect the party not using the cell phone. For example, I have personally overhead adults using their cell phone while using a public toilet or having highly personal conversations in public places such as on a bus or even in the workplace.

    Also, sometimes a person will accept an unwanted cell phone call that may interrupt an important business meeting or educational class or even damper necessary quality time with a loved one.

    Posted by: OneLupe89
  • It is no one's business what another person is doing on their cell phone at any time, but it is rude to talk in certain places.

    Although I must say that nobody should be paying attention to what another is doing with their cell phones in public, it is not proper etiquette to be talking on your phone or texting in a busy restaurant or in church. Anyplace where people could be disturbed by your conversation or your phone constantly beeping is considered rude.

    Posted by: AmusingKareem
  • Yes, I agree that mobile wireless-device users should start practicing some etiquette in public, because many of them are plain rude and act as if they're more important than others.

    Yes, I agree that mobile wireless-device users should start practicing some etiquette in public, because many of them are rude, inconsiderate, and act as if they're more important than others. Some people with mobile devices act like the world revolves around them, and they're cooler than others. Truth is, we're all worthy of respect, no matter what. Being cut off in traffic, disturbed at the movies, and annoyed at restaurants is annoying and selfish of the people with mobile devices. Texting is not so important. Can we watch a 2-hour movie in the theater in peace? Take a call or answer a text when it's convenient, not every second of every day.

    Posted by: I33Iess
  • Mobile wireless device users should start practicing some etiquette in public because that air is shared by everyone and it is only right to make it a pleasant environment for all.

    The public is an open area and it is usable by everyone around. It is only right to make it enjoyable to all. This includes eliminating obnoxious overheard phone calls because someone does not have the common decency to watch how loud they are speaking. No one wants to hear these phone calls.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • I believe that mobile device users should practice more etiquette in public, because they has become increasingly annoying as it is.

    There are few things that are more annoying than listening to one end of a perfect stranger's conversation, while riding in a bus or eating at a restaurant. Not only do I feel guilty for eavesdropping, it is distracting me from my own conversation or other task at hand. A person does not always need to be available to converse, or be reached, especially since texting and emailing are as readily available and ubiquitous as they currently are.

    Posted by: MonserratC
  • I agree mobile device users should mind their manners, as their behavior is distracting and rude.

    The problem with these wireless devices is that, everywhere you go, someone has his nose stuck in one, and it's to the point where it's holding up the rest of us. They stand in line using them, and they talk loudly on them about inappropriate things so we have to overhear every word, blip or tune. There's nothing worse than trying to help a customer who is so engrossed in his mobile device that you can barely get him to pay for his goods.

    Posted by: N3vinFace
  • I agree that wireless device users need to be more considerate of others in public.

    This one is a no-brainer. The public area is for everyone, not just a privileged few. There is absolutely no reason why anyone needs to make their personal business known to others. No one cares. To be bombarded by senseless chatter and have one's private time interrupted is the height of rudeness. There is no excuse for not practicing civility and respecting others' privacy. The reason one has a wireless device is to communicate on their own terms and when they do this in public they are not doing so; rather, they are doing this on my time.

    Posted by: B Stephens
  • Mobile wireless-device users need to practice more etiquette, because other people do not want to hear their endless ringing and babbling.

    No matter where you go, loud conversations are taking place around you. It is difficult to concentrate on a magazine, newspaper, or to even carry on a conversation with the person sitting right next to you. Mobile wireless-devices being used in public only add to that.

    Posted by: R0m4nticHamm
  • There are public situations where mobile phone use is disruptive and annoying for others as well as situations that are downright dangerous.

    Some of the places where mobile phones are the most bothersome, for instance libraries, have rules forbidding mobile phone use, though users do not always follow the rules and they are not always enforced. In other instances like restaurants, only some have "No Cell Phone" signs, but it is difficult to enjoy eating out when someone sitting near you is having a loud, animated conversation on a cell phone. I have been in stores next to teenagers having very personal conversations that I did not want to hear. It would be better if cell phone users were more aware of their surroundings and neighbors and use the same kind of etiquette they would if they were having an in-person conversation in the same context.

    Posted by: RMoody
  • No, mobile wireless device uses should not start practicing some etiquette in public; people should mind their own business.

    If you are someone who thinks that wireless phone users are rude in public, you are in fact the one being rude. Behavior responded to is behavior reinforced, both positive and negative. If you want nicer people in the world, then be a nicer person. Some will follow your example and eventually even the rude ones not paying attention will feel lonely in their ways and get on board with the rest of us. I feel a little hypocritical lecturing you about lecturing, but no one is perfect.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64

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