• Easier than writing

    I'm trying to encourage my school to let us bring mobile phones to school because it will be easier to use than writing down what is written on the board, where you can just text it and save it and information can be transferred through Bluetooth to other classmates.. Example: that if a student misses his bus he can ask his friend to send him/her the notes.

  • There is no good reason

    Kids don't need phones, kids are with adults all the time, they are not on their own. If there is a problem there is a teacher who can help them.

    There is still evidence that using mobiles at a very young age can cause brain tumours, this has not yet been disproved.

    Also kids should not have access to the Internet without close adult supervision.

  • This may sound stupid, but it's possible.

    Technology is a valuable asset to the world today. But it is not a tool that we should keep all our hopes on. As said on the news what happens if an electromagnetic pulse happens to hit our country? All technology would fail including the satellite and then what would we do? We completely neglected the handwriting skills and all the physical labor that we used to do and relied on technology to do for us.

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