Should modern education teach students to inquire and ask questions, following up with research-based answers?

  • Yes, this is how they should teach.

    A system like this would require students to develop better critical thinking skills. Critical thinking being one of the most important factors for some employees to have. I believe this will help students find the ability to innovate more, as well as have a more well rounded life in the future.

  • Research is tough but manageable

    Research allows the students to be more knowledgeable about things. It should not be required for every single question, or a college class will be labeled as "harsh" . Instead allow student to use wikipedia, then use the sources below the wikipedia, at the bottom of the article. This will help everyone.

  • Yes, they should.

    Yes, modern education should strive to teach students to inquire and ask questions and follow up with research. It will encourage a whole new generation of rational thinkers. It is very dangerous and frankly sad to just teach children to blindly believe everything that they are told without any sense of discovery or inquiry.

  • Yes, I believe critical and analytical thinking should be implemented in modern education.

    Today's education includes a variety of things--from replacing textbooks with tablets to learning online, to having conferences over skype and watching videos on sites like Khan Academy. Fifty years ago, this wasn't imaginable, let alone doable. Technology has helped us in ways we couldn't have even begun to imagine. Yet with all this technology, modern education still lacks two very critical things: how to think. How? Why? For what purpose? Is it the truth? Is this source creditable? These are all things students in this generation should learn, yet many schools continue to have the same curriculum that they had since the last decade, with minor changes, and a few implementations in the technology department, yet they're missing the whole point.

  • How you learn

    Yes, this is the method that should be taught in schools today. That is the best way to learn, and the best way do develop new ideas and technology. If schools taught this instead of making students simply spit out things they were told to remember, we would be way ahead.

  • Yes, It's a very important skill

    I believe that modern education we should teach students to inquire and ask questions and use research to back up their anwsers. Sadly in my childhood I was not taught this trait and it made college harder for me because the teacher would always ask the question "Why"? or "How?" Those are very important questions because if you do not have a researched anwser then you can be easily discredited. With the new electronic wave happening an abundance of people have the ability to get information instantly so having researched awsers is very important.

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