Should Moldavia become part of The Ukraine (yes) or Romania (no)?

  • Moldavia should become part of the Ukraine

    Moldavia should become part of the Ukraine and not Romania. This is because of the fact that the Ukraine is the better nation. Romania has a less valid government than the Ukraine. The Ukraine also has historical rights to the area, in which Romania does not have historcal rights to it.

  • Yes, Moldavia should become part of The Ukraine

    Yes, the Moldovan citizens should become part of The Ukraine. Historically, Moldavia was part of Romania before the Soviet Union fell apart in the 1990's. As a result, Moldavia separated from Romania. There is only a small segment of Moldovans who want to reunite with Romania. So the free will of the people in Moldavia should outweigh historical ties to Romania.

  • The Ukraine would benefit from Moldovia's absorbtion

    The idea that Moldovia cannot sustain itself is interesting considering the two options for their alliance are either the Ukraine or Romania. The Romanian economy is strong, even if it is built upon less than practical means. Moldovia may upset this trend by being absorbed as a significantly low producer in comparison. The Ukraine already has economic issues at about the same level as Moldovia. I think this alliance would prove more fruitful for both parties as they share the struggle.

  • Moldovans are part of Romania

    Moldova should be part of Romania because for one, Moldovans speak Romanian, their flag is similar to Romania 's flag (identical or the same if the Moldovan coat of arms wasn't in the flag, they are both predominantly eastern orthodox, they both share the same history with Romania, and they both have been under communist regimes.

  • I think it would be wiser if they chose to join Romania.

    First off I'm pretty sure that the majority of Moldavians( I think that's what you call them) speak Romanian and have ethnic origins there too. From the posts I read above it seems that there economy isn't doing to well which would make it sensible for them to join Romania, which I think has a better economy than Ukraine( Please correct me if I'm wrong). Not to mention Ukraine is having quite a bit of trouble right now with Russia pounding on its back door and an uprising by Separatists hurting it's country pretty badly as a whole. In conclusion I believe that it would be best if Moldavia were to join up with Romania or at least the EU to gain some extra support for its struggling economy. May God bless Eastern Europe.

  • Half of the historical Moldova

    The nowadays Moldova was formed after the treaty between Hitler and Stalin (Ribbentrop-Molotov pact, 1940), when USSR annexed half of the Romanian province of Moldova, namely the area between Prut and Nistru (Dniestr). Stalin added the Russian speaking area of Transdniestr, sent hundreds of thousands of locals to Siberia, brought Russians to replace them and forced the Romanian speakers to use a Cyrillic alphabet.
    Current Moldova was part of the historical Principality of Moldova who united with Wallachia in 1959 to form nowadays Romania. The other half of Moldova is part of Romania since 1859.

    Romanians and Moldovans have the same language, a Latin based language not Slavic like Ukrainian, share the same culture, history. Both countries consider Mihai Eminescu their greatest poet and Stefan cel Mare their greatest ruler.

    Ukraine has NO historical rights, Ukraine never existed as an independent state before the collapse of Communism and share nothing in terms of language, history or culture with Romania or Moldova.

  • Moldova is Romanian

    Look at Moldova: They speak Romanian. They are culturally Romanian and they do not belong to a Slavic country like Ukraine, not in any offence. They should go to Romania because they are Romanians that have been separated from most of Romania due to imperialism by Russians, Austro-Hungarians, and Turks

  • Closer historical and ethnic ties to Romania

    The majority of Moldovans consider themselves Romanian by ethnicity; a smaller minority feels closer to Ukraine. The official language is a dialect of Romanian, although Russian is also widely spoken, this is mainly from the Soviet influence on the country. Both the people of Moldova and of Romania feel that Moldova's ties to Romania are significant. Yes, both countries struggle financially, but Moldova is Romania!! These people are Romanians!!

  • Moldavia should go to the Ukraine

    Moldavia should become part of The Ukraine rather than Romania. Although both countries have had many financial worries over the past 20 years, Romania has much deeper poverty issues with homelessness, theift, and other crimes. The Ukraine also has more tourism that keeps it financially viable. Taking on another piece of land to support should only be done when the financial aspects can be taken care of.

  • More in common with Romania.

    Moldovia should not become a part of the Ukraine, because it has more in common with the people of Romania. There is an ethnic divide in the area of Moldovia, but more people identify with the Romanian people than with the Ukranian. Romania is happy to take in the people of Moldavia as there own, which means there would be peace in the area.

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