Should Moldavia or Moldovans get involved in Ukrainian politics?

  • They should be involved

    I think that with the way that Ukrainian politics currently are, such as their cut throat nature, that Moldavia should definitely get involved. It can never hurt to get your voice involved in the politics of your country. I feel like it is an important part of being a national member.

  • Why would they?

    Why would Moldavia want to mess with the Ukrainian politics? Moldovans have their own country to run. They seem to be doing quite well, according to a friend of mine who lived there. So I think they would be wise to keep focusing on their own affairs and not waste time and energy on interfering with Ukraine.

  • Moldavia Doesn't Belong in Ukraine Politics

    Moldavia doesn't belong in Ukranian politics today. Moldovans should get out of politics here because they have no political standing and don't even belong there by any means. With that in mind, Ukranian politics should be reserved for Ukranians only, which obviously makes the most sense in this day and age.

  • They need to work on their own nation first.

    No, I do not believe that Moldavia or Moldovans should get involved in Ukrainian politics. When it comes to governance, I'm all for smaller regions being as politically and nationally separate as they want to be. It serves them no purpose to do anything that doesn't work toward this goal.

  • Ukraine Doesn't Need Any More Turmoil

    The Ukraine doesn't need any more turmoil than it already has. Although being friendly with the Ukraine will be helpful since it controls ports on the Black Sea, Moldavia is too small of a nation to get involved with anyone's politics. Perhaps when Ukrainian leaders simmer down with the current crisis, then Moldavia can lend a hand.

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