Should money be spent on space discovery and expeditions?

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  • If we want humanity to survive for more than a couple thousand years more/

    Getting to space was an utterly unprecedented achievement for any species. And yet we did it, not only that, but we made it to the Moon. If we want our race to survive long term, we will have to get off this tiny blue speck, and fly towards the stars. If we don't, humanity will be consigned to its fate far before its time.(Though we can't make it past the heat death, we might as well shoot for the long run).

  • Think of the future.

    The petty arguments and wars we have here on earth are nothing compared to the endless expanse of the cosmos that welcomes us with the embrace of all that exist. In the case of space exploration, technology, advancement, and expansion opinion does not matter we can not stay on our planet forever and we can not focus on only earth bound problems the solution to the earth bound problems we have lies in space. World population, hunger, space for people. All theese things are free in space if we can simply get there. Space offers literally unlimited recources land & places to farm, study, or discover. When it comes to the fate of our species we live in a time when we the people of the world decide if we die on our home in war and destruction. Or if once again we board ships and sail to new lands through a strange sea where no man has gone before. The sustainable population of the earth is 5billion we have 7 almost 8billion people on the planet. We are using recources faster than we can replenish them and releasing chemicals into the air too fast for the earth to cleanse. We are killing our mother and staying here to die with her instead of moving into the stars and learning from our mistakes. I will tell you once and only once whether you believe me or not depends on denial or ignorance. We have killed our own home. And now it is time for some people to move out. Let us expand human precense and our empire let us learn from our mistakes and let us prosper. If we do not move into the stars and try to fix earth we will die. Every man woman and child as well as the animals and plants of our planet will be no more because of us. If you deny it give me a valid reason not based on denial or disbelief. Accept our fate.

  • It has GREATLY aided humans far more than one would think.

    First: The technology NASA has developed for space missions isn't just wasted intelligence.
    CAT scans, Water purification, Clean energy technology and Cell Phone Cameras are just a few things NASA has universally contributed to earth that sprouted from technology originally used in space missions.

    Second: NASA doesn't just find "cool space stuff" that has no relation to us whatsoever. There are already speculations of planets with intelligent life near us. If we could communicate with them, we could potentially learn about cures, technologies, ideas etc that are MILLIONS of years ahead of us otherwise.

    And NASA has already helped the world get a better understanding of Climate Change from satellite photos (Not to mention improve existing satellites. Your cell phone doesn't just send messages through thin air, you know?) And helped us understand Magnetar stars and how they are constantly sending sending waves of Gamma Rays to our earth.

    I could go on and on about so many other things, but you get my point. We're all interested in exploring realms of the universe, but seeing cool stuff is certainly not a priority of NASA.

  • There are more important issues that need fixing and attention.

    We have so many problems on earth that need fixing first. Exploring space is not mandatory and it will not help our planet or it's problems. In fact it is harming it more with vast amount of harmful fuels being released. The money should be being spent on starving refugees, creating jobs to defeat unemployment and better education schemes. I could go on and on about the millions of suffering humans and animals that need this money instead of it being spent on rather pointless space expeditions except for the advantage of making history. History should be made by saving lives not discovering space.
    It is immoral to spend so much money on something new and technology instead of fixing old problems that are becoming increasingly threatening to the population and world.

  • Nothing to gain.

    On average, we have spent billions on it for the last 50 some years. That's billion with a B. What do we have to show from it? Sure, we have some rocks in museums but you pay even more just to see them. Yes, the space industry has caused some inventions like memory foam, but how much do we make from the sale? Nothing, in fact, we pay again to have it. Talk about a poor investment.
    Yes, we gained knowledge about space. Much of it we had to know already because if we didn't, we couldn't have done it in the first place. Yes, we have images and knowledge of parts of the universe that we would never know otherwise. Question is, when is that knowledge ever going to help you? Are you going to some distant planet and looking for a good place to stay? About the only useful thing we have gotten is pictures of our own planet. We could have gotten that from just launching satellites. Satellites we would have already known would work.
    Clearly, past space exploration has gotten us almost nothing in return and continuing to do so will get us even less for even more.

  • Please stop !

    It is better to solve the problems on earth prior to spend money on space discovery. It is undeniable that space explorer like NASA have contributed many useful material for us, however, those things can not solve the problems we have now. The world is encountering with climate change which will bring the earth and humanity to an end sometimes if we do not have measures. Instead of spend vast amount of budgets on space discovery, government should directly spend more on researches to find solution to climate change. Moreover, millions of people including children are suffering from starvation. The space discovery main purpose is to find new home for human. However, who is going to settle in the new home if the human on the earth have already become extinct?

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