• The rich are to help the poor man, no the other way round.

    By 'ruling' society with money, you end up with a situation like Dubai, where the rich Arab's live luxurious lives whilst millions of workers are living, sleeping (and dying) in tents in their (figurative) back yard. Money should always be to serve society and those who need it most, not for those who already have it all (i.E. The rich bourgeois).

  • Yes, it should serve.

    Money should serve society, not rule it. We need money to make purchases and it is easier and quicker than a barter system where we trade items from one another. Despite that it serves to help us, but it should not rule us. We should not become blinded by it and live only for money that holds no real value aside from the one we have given it.

  • Money is man made so it shouldn't make a man.

    In the bible it says that man cannot serve god and money at the same time. I believe that this is very well put. Money is only a means to an end and a way to facilitate commerce. Money was made by humans to serve humans. We are only having this conversation because the worldwide system of capitalism is so out of balance that we have to ask ourselves whether money serves us or vice versa.

  • You make people feel bad when you brag

    You make people feel bad and not many people have money like wealthy people do.And it makes compenys work overtime.People would
    fight about who is the wealthest and have war.When people use too much money they make more money in factorys and that cuts down trees and that can kill wild animals

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