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  • No, she should have turned him down.

    Frankly, more than politics, I don't understand how any women can support or work for this administration. In any case, she will probably be ignored no matter what she tries to accomplish. Trump really doesn't do a very good job picking his cabinet. I look forward to this 4 years passing quickly.

  • No, she can't be trusted to do her job

    Monica Crowley was found to have committed plagiarism in her own writing. Therefore, the Trump administration should not place her in charge of communications, since she cannot be trusted to do the job honestly. What she did goes against the expectations of the position she was going to be given, so it is right that she has declined that role.

  • I wouldn't want to be within a hundred miles

    Now that the administration is coming together, it's obvious to anybody with any sort of political acumen that it's going to be a disaster. If I were a political strategist, I would take a couple years off and then collect a big check to swoop in after the fires have started. At that point, people will be jumping ship and you'll be able to command your own price.

  • She's a fraud

    Monica Crowley is a fraud and has been found out. She has been found to have committed plagiarism, not only in her book, but also in other writings of hers. She is smart enough to know better, but clearly too dumb to care. She is just the type of person Trump would be drawn to, but certainly doesn't deserve a position in such a high-ranking government office, or any government office for that matter.

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