Should Monmouth University have made the NCCA men's basketball tournament?

  • Yes over Tulsa or Vanderbilt

    The bias the committee has shown to power conferences the past few years is ridiculous. Monmouth had more road/neutral wins than anybody else, went 17-3 in their conference, beat Notre Dame, UCLA, USC, and Gonzaga, barely lost to another tournament team in Dayton, and lost their conference title game by 1 possession. Tulsa got blown out twice by sub 100 RPI Memphis, and Vanderbilt's only quality wins were at home over Kentucky and Texas A&M.

  • Yes, Monmouth University should have made the NCAA tournament.

    I believe that Monmouth University men's basketball team should have made the NCCA men's basketball tournament. I think it's nice when less known-of and smaller schools are able to play against universities that are more nationally recognized, especially in a large-format such as the NCCA men's basketball tournament which is the biggest for college basketball.

  • No, I do not think Monmouth University should have made the NCAA men's basketball tournament.

    No, I do not think Monmouth University should have made the NCAA men's basketball tournament because the team didn't win their conference and had too many losses to poor teams to be considered. Although Monmouth had a great year and beat some top teams, at the end of the day other teams were more deserving because they had a stronger record and played tougher opponents.

  • Monmouth deserved to make the NCAA tournament

    Monmouth played 23 games on the road this year and won most of them. Monmouth beat UCLA and Notre Dame. It should not be held against them if other larger schools will not play Monmouth because they don't want to lose. Some teams who make the tournament are only .500 in their conference. They have proven already they are not good enough to win the tournament. Monmouth should be given a chance.

  • Absolutely yes sir

    It's ridiculous that teams like Syracuse and Tulsa get in to the tournament and Monmouth who has a lot more wins and against quality teams at that. The NCAA tournament selection committee is a disgrace and it needs to be reformed. Until that happens we will always have snubs like this.

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