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  • Gives companies all the power

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  • Yes monopolies should be legal

    No one has the right to tell a business that they can't provide a service or product because they do not have competition. No one is entitled to products and services. A company must be able set prices even if there is no competition. A government that would impose price regulations and any other regulations on a company for being a monopoly is a immoral government. Hindering profits is theft. Freedom is the supreme choice.

  • Yes monopolies are dangerous

    Yes monopolies should be illegal. Monopolies go against the idea of capitalism. They weed out all competition. The company that owns the monopoly is then free from any rules and regulations because no one would survive without them. We would be paying thousands of dollars and certain companies would rule the world.

  • Technology and Monopolies

    In Monopolies, the provider is the only supplier therefore the price is set by them and is also known as price-fixing. This price is set regardless of the demand for the product due to the consumer has no one else to go to. Monopolies should not be legal, due to the price that they can set, for in the example of the utility Electric Company. We do not have another company to go to for electricity, therefore we must pay the price that the company dictates to us. If we had another electric company, then there would not be any rising of prices, the competition would drive the price down. That is where Technology should come in.

  • No they should be illegal

    No they should be illegal because I believe that it is good for the owner such as Andrew Carnegie, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and John D Rockefeller. For example, It raises the prices which makes the profit better to be sold for the so-called owners and it's bad because it makes the price is so high the citizens of the US cannot pay and or live without the rules and regulations which would lead into the owners taking over all the profits ever made

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  • No, the should not

    I think monopoly should not be band, because It encourage people to express their oppotunity, and to make them also not to loss of money. For example if monologue should be band how are you expecting or poor people to survive even rich people. In regard you you aggre with me that monopoly should not be band.

  • Monopolies should they be legal

    Monopolies should not be legal as this is not encouraging improvement in products instead making companies more money. If monopolies are legal it means that they can raise price but also lower the quality this making them more money. This meaning that consumers will need to buy this product a lot more.

  • No, not at all.

    This should NEVER be legal. It leads to pay cuts, costs hikes and a lack of choice. Monopolies are, in reality, entirely criminal. Free enterprise and the ability to have variety and make a personal selection (or to simply have other options in the event of unexpected change or complications) is a basic freedom that everyone should possess.

  • No monopolies should not be legal

    No, I do not think that monopolies should be legal and that monopolies create an atmosphere of unfair competition between businesses. When there are monopolies, they can set the prices at any level that they want and make consumers pay those prices, as well as treat customers poorly which is why they should never be legalized.

  • Monopolies should not be legal.

    We need to have a little competition. For example, we have a monopoly on our electric company. We have no choice but to pay their increasing prices because they know we have to. It is either that, or switch to a generator. That is not a very good option. If we had another electric company, Gulf Power might think twice about raising the prices.

  • No, they should not.

    Monopolies should not be legal. Giving one company the power to have a monopoly would be a very dangerous thing. People can do all kinds of things with that much power and even in a sense be more powerful and have more say than the President. In my opinion a monopoly would be dangerous.

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