Should moral science be given equal importance as general science?

  • Ethics sustains life

    The more connected we are to our conscience and ethics the better we are ta making choices about our inventions that are for to better life for all living entities. The less we are connected to our conscience and ethics the more likely we are to choose inventions, strategies and actions that destroy human life, and destroy habitat for plant and animal species. Ethics is just as imperative as water and air. Deborah Lange

  • Moral science should have equal importance.

    The continuing debate over science and moral issues must find ways to accomodate both perspectives if we are ever to fully advance scientifically as a nation. Those who fight for morals with the foundations of religion against science must open their minds to all perspectives, as should those who fight from the opposing perspective of science against religion. Once we can fully merge our understandings, we will undoubtedly discover technology or breakthroughs that weren't possible from one single perspective.

  • Yes, moral science is just as important as general science.

    We can make a lot of progress in any of the sciences and we are doing that. However, we are forgetting sometimes that every scientific bit of progress these days comes with a large amount of moral decision making that needs to be made. So we need to make sure that those who are researchers and practical scientists have learned to make decisions correctly.

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