Should moral science be given equal importance as mathematics?

  • Absolutely, if not more.

    While mathematics is extremely important knowledge and an indispensable tool for society, "Moral Science" as you call it, affects a different, and equally important aspect of humanity, which is our spiritual well-being. By "spiritual", I am not referencing a religious belief in god, but our inner happiness and psyche, which cannot be completely gratified by anything as concrete as mathematics. What can achieve this however, are ethically fulfilling pursuits such as helping others, philosophy, and exploring your own consciousness, or what you refer to as "Moral Science".

  • Very important to develop a strong character.....

    Moral science is very important to develop a strong character and to give base to ones life time...It is a fact that we grow up watching TV,completing our course books and making fun with friends...No body teaches morality ,parents think they have done their task of educating child by providing school education to them....In the whole propaganda it is child at loss... As government has made compulsory for every child to go school (whether parents /society come forward or not themselves) by declaring right to education for every child so thereby government should make correct actions to provide a better citizen to a nation....Who is not only a engineer,doctor or mathematician but but also a human being with great moral value and dignity....

  • Moral science is just as important as mathematics.

    Moral science is just as important as mathematics are. We do not find anything new out from mathematics, but we find out new things and information from moral science. I think we should place more focus on science then we do on mathematics because we can solve math by using a calculator. Its not needed in todays society.

  • Moral can not be taught at school, only by parents.

    The teachers at school lack morallity. For example, if they are told about bullies, they just ignore the bullies, and the bullies continue. Some teachers look down on children, seeing them as inferior. These children deserve respect. You do not earn it. It is moral to show every one respect. You can not be taught morallity.

  • Moral Science. Give me a break!

    Morality is good. Science is good. BUT they are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. Morality is the should or ought questions. Science is the is why and how questions. Science collects facts that may then be filtered through moral concerns to determine what to do. For example, science can prove the Earth's temperature is rising and that human activities have contributed. Science can't prove what we should do because of it.

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