Should morals influence your views in politics?

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  • How can morals not affect your politics?

    Morality is the bedrock every individual uses to guide themselves through their everyday life. It shapes their worldview, all their decisions, their values, beliefs, etc. Morality is one of the things that separates human beings from the animals. Our ability to distinguish right from wrong underlies every one of our behaviors more importantly in our relationships with others and our relationship (or lack of) with God. Politics is nothing more than a playground of worldviews driven by individual morals and values that shape what we believe the world ought to look like and more importantly...What methods should be implemented in bringing that world about. Your political values and beliefs are certainly going to be based on what you think is right and good. No one fights for political ideologies that they find morally depraved and odious. In achieving your ideal picture of how the world ought to be you must consider a litany of moral questions. Is using force on others right? If so, what's the acceptable limit? Do people possess unalienable rights? Who decides these rights? What is the value of human life? When is it acceptable to put it at risk to serve the greater cause? Does the end justify the means? How much autonomy should individuals have? Should their purpose be to serve the common good, or to define their own existence? How do you handle dissenting opinion to your polices? Should we punish or rehabilitate those who transgress the law? Your response to these political questions are all going to be based on where your moral compass is oriented.

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