• Yes, protesting because dangerous when it reaches rioting levels.

    Yes, when our cities and streets become unsafe, it is important for our leaders, police force, and even our military to step in and ensure the safety of all the people, not just those involved in the protest. When local business are losing massive amounts of money because people are looting them, and when rioters are found throwing large stones and buildings and people, it is time to take some action. Our government either needs to negotiate a resolution or come in and put a forceful stop to the violence and looting.

  • More action should be taken to end the Baltimore riots.

    I do not believe the state should allow anyone to riot. Once a "protest" turns violent, the police or national guard should use whatever force necessary to end the violence quickly. There are too many innocent citizens and police that are being affected by the nonsense. If the state is not going to put a stop to it, then the state should pull out any police or military and let the "protesters" sort it out.

  • The Baltimore Riots Are Destroying Peoples Lives

    All of the rioting is causing small business owners to suffer and is making people lose their jobs. When these businesses are destroyed they not only cause suffering for the business owners, but they cause them to lay off their employees. Per the news reports, a lot of these jobs are held by local black people who desperately need these positions to survive.

  • The Government Should Not Curtail Personal Freedoms

    The right to assembly is a prime right of Americans that should be respected and never removed out under the guise of protection. The riots are only an indicator of a deeper divide between races, classes and those that purport to protect our rights. Removing their ability to assemble or adding a more aggressive posture will encourage and/or aggravate an already angry mob. The police should protect and serve, bring those responsibly to justice, but our inalienable American Rights should not be stripped because of a few badly behaving citizens.

  • It is a human right to protest/riot

    If the government takes action to end it, then it will mean taking away basic rights. How else did we get slavery abolished and women's rights? IF America does this, itll be quite ironic to call itself a democratic country. Also a few of the rioters who destroy do not represent the other peaceful protestors. THe riots lasted a while but the peaceful protests outlasted. The media chooses to focus on the rioters more

  • Police action will only exacerbate the situation.

    The rioting that has destroyed the community is disgraceful. Despite this I believe that legitimate peaceful protesters are the majority and realise one of the biggest threats to their cause (and community) are violent outbreaks, destruction and looting caused by opportunist youths and thugs. With this in mind I believe that collective organisation of protesters who have likely been affected directly by riots will inevitably deal with the violent minority within their community.

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