• Limited Opportunity, Worth the Risk

    The Olympics frowns upon political activism within its confines. The Olympics is a place where countries come together to compete - not brandish agendas.
    However. The anti-gay propaganda laws in Russia needed to be addressed and it will be difficult to recreate any protests as eye catching as star athletes coming out at the Olympics.
    The opportunity should have been contributed to by more athletes.

  • Yes, as long as they stayed safe.

    It is true that the athletes who were at Sochi were there to do their jobs and not to protest but since there were so many gay athletes performing, this could have been a good time to make a statement as long as they stayed safe because the rules of the other country could have led to arrest.

  • More athletes should have made pro-gay protests at the Sochi Olympics

    More athletes should not have made pro-gay protests at the Sochi Olympics. There is a time an a place for peoples sexual orientation to be on display and I dont think that telling people if you are gay or not is right for the olympics. I am all for equal rights but they could come out anytime.

  • No, athletes shouldn't have made pro-gay stances at Sochi.

    I do not believe that more athletes should have made more pro-gay protests at the Winter Olympics at Sochi. I think that such sporting events should have been just about the games and athletes, and not about social politics and issues. And I am glad that more athletes seemed to believe that as well.

  • Not The Place

    I do not think the Sochi Olympics was the right place for pro-gay protests, so no, I do not believe more athletes should have protested. I think protesting is very important but I do not think it should come at the expense of great celebrations like the Olympics where people have worked to make their way there and others have paid for tickets. We are all aware of Russia's problem with accepting homosexuals but the Olympics is not the proper platform to address these problems.

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