• It's a bad example.

    Yes, more should be done about celebrity drug addiction, because they are dying. People do not step in and help them until it is too late and they are dead. They are never told the word no because they are celebrities, and it ends up killing them. This sets a bad example for all the other people who look up to them

  • No We Shouldn't

    As a people we should not feel obligated to stop people from harming themselves when they are not directly involved in their life. Celebrities are their own people and they must fight their drug battles primarily on their own, but if they have family and friends to support them they will be more likely to succeed.

  • No, more doesn't need to be done in regards to celeb drug addiction.

    I do not think that more needs to be done to help combat the issue of drug use and addiction in celebrities. I think that it is a problem that needs to be solved by the individuals themselves. It isn't someting the government and the people need to worry about.

  • Addicted celebreties deserve treatment not special treatment

    Anyone addicted to drugs or alcohol should have access to treatment, whether they are a celebrity or not. Being a celebrity does not entitle you to special treatment or a greater allocation of resources. Celebrities are already possessed of resources that the average person isn't likely to have, why would more need to be done for them?

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