Should more be done to combat racism in sports in the United States of America?

  • Yes very much so.

    It is sad that even to this day racism still exists in every sport and in every neighborhood streets or at work or in the hospital etc. Racism should be dealt with through laws, and not just in sports but in general racism should be killed off and stop the venom.

  • Racism needs to be solved, espeically done with sports

    Racism needs to be solved across the United States as a whole. However, more should be done in the sports world because it is something followed across all races and people look up to and idolize sports heroes. It is a platform that should be used to help settle these deep-set issues that has divided our country for centuries.

  • Yes, More Should be done to Combat Racism in Sports

    When I think of this issue, I think of Venus and Serena Williams or Tiger Woods being prohibited from certain golf clubs and tennis clubs where their event is being held because that place has traditionally excluded blacks. I think of the derogatory comments made about the Williams sisters, simply because they're black. The comments and the actions are blatantly racist. Racism is often hidden in America, but it's time we do something about it.

    By the same token, reverse racism against other groups isn't right either. Whether an athletic is white and what's to play in an arena that's traditionally black, Arab wanting to play baseball, it shouldn't matter. We need to tear down these color barriers.

  • No, racism in sports is not extremely prevalent.

    In this day and age, racism still exists, as it will never fully disappear, but it certainly has been reduced significantly. In my opinion, racism in sports is not a huge problem anymore. People are not denied from playing any sport due to their race. Although there may be stereotypes associated with particular sports, they are not used in harmful ways.

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