• Digital Information is Remarkably Fragile

    Digital information is more fragile than hard copy information. With all the constantly changing formats and standards in the information sphere more should be done to electronically preserve information. Just think of how many photos you lost the last time your hard drive died. The equivalent is happening daily with important documents stashed on servers all around the world.

  • Yes, a lot more should be done to preserve information electronically

    If there's one thing that I consider a heated debate, it's the preservation of information. A lot of information gets lost in time due to degradation. Electronically stored data can undergo the same degradation, but at a much slower rate. It's also possible to easily recover electronically stored information. At least bits of it are possible, too.

  • Preserve our society

    Physical preservation is a risky proposition, as so many valuable materials and works or art have been lost or accidentally destroyed. With the advent of the digital age, it is now possible to keep these materials forever, existing in the limitless space of the Internet. It is our duty to preserve information electronically and we should take every step necessary to maintain this.

  • A Lot Being Done

    I personally feel that there is a lot being done to preserve electronic information. Anything that hits the Internet is hard to make disappear, so that in itself is a type of preservation. Furthermore, there have been many groups that have worked to add older texts to accessible information. With cloud technology it is unlikely we will lose everything at any one time.

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