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  • There should not.

    There should not be more done to prevent electrical sensitivity. If someone has electrical sensitivity, then it is up to them to do something about it. Not only that, I have not heard of a single person having this condition and I do not think that electrical sensitivity is a real condition.

  • It is a rare problem.

    No, more should not be done to prevent electrical sensitivity, because it is not a problem that affects very many people. Those that it does affect can take steps to protect themselves and make themselves more comfortable. Electricity does good for many people, and it should not all be shut down because it gives a couple of people a headache.

  • No probably no.

    I don't really think that electrical sensitivity is a big problem. I have never heard or known of anyone with this problem. I am not really sure what can be done to prevent the problem a few may have either. If someone is sensitive to electricity, they should just stay away from it.

  • There is no evidence to suggest that electrical sensitivity is a real condition.

    Electrical sensitivity is not a recognized medical condition. Without being qualified as a medical condition, it would be silly to do more to prevent it. It is possible that people who believe they suffer from electrical sensitivity actually have a psychological condition associated with some type of mental illness and should seek help through that avenue.

  • I Don't Think It's Preventable

    I do not believe there is a lot that can be done to prevent electrical sensitivity. Having experienced the phenomenon myself, I found it really surprising, especially considering the small amounts I was working with. Since we use electricity on a daily basis, I would say its going to be difficult to combat, outside of not using electricity as much.

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