Should more be done to protect endangered species?

  • All Living Animals Depend on Each Other

    Animals are living creatures and you wouldn't want to be forgotten and just be left to die. Plus if one animal dies, the whole food web goes down. Like if we just let a simple bird or dog die, animal the eats that animal, won't be able to eat it anymore and die. And the animal that eats that animal would die. It would be like pulling on a loose thread

  • Yes, Of Course!

    There is not enough being done to protect animals because everyday more and more animals are being hunted. You ask why, because us people are letting them. We don't do anything and because of that those poor innocent animals are being killed. Also habitats are being destroyed just so we can build highways and roads. So what do you say,. . . LET'S WORK TOGETHER!!!!!!

  • Yes obviously we should

    We need to support the animals and they did nothing to us so why harm them and so let's help them and give them support. Stop smoking and stop polluting for it will be bad for the animals as well as us so it will not be good. Thank you for listening.

  • Yes there should be more concern

    People should take better steps towards protecting animals entirely but especially towards the ones that are endangered because that way people in later generations can enjoy seeing them alive as opposed to looking at them in pictures. Maybe they should hide the endangered species on some remote island to protect them.

  • Yes, More should be done to protect endangered species?

    In my opinion there is not enough being done to protect endangered species, because the Endangered Species Act has been ignored by the politicians in an effort to promote corporate deals regarding land use, forestry management and oil and gas deposit profitability. Putting corporate profits before the environment is just one example.

  • Animals are dumb

    Animals are worthless to the advancement of human kind. All animals that arent being used for food should just give up on life and die. So deal with it. This is my opionion so deal with it. Animals are dumb and stupid and worless, just give up on them jeez

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