Should more be done to protect the drivers with the growing popularity of UBER and LYFT?

  • Driver safety is of key concern for UBER and LYFT

    UBER and LYFT provide an entrepreneurial opportunity for drivers. However, the standards and regulations are still evolving. Most important is driver safety. There is no way to vet or monitor passengers. Increased numbers of incidents involving these drivers indicate that the companies should begin to invest in driver safety equipment such as video cameras or driver training programs.

  • We must protect drivers!

    We should ensure that UBER and LYFT drivers receive adequate protections as driving the public is a dangerous job. That means some sort of insurance for these guys and gals. In addition they should receive some sort of training program before they start driving so they are better equipped to deal with dangerous situations involving passengers.

  • More regulations should be applied on Uber/Lyft

    I think it is important for governement to begin to regulate the employees/drivers of services like Uber and Lyft which started on the Internet but are becoming more and more widespread in our daily life. More tracking should be implemented so the perpetrators of crimes can easily be retraced by law enforcement.

  • No, more should not be done to protect the drivers with the growing popularity of Uber and Lyft.

    More should not be done to protect drivers of Uber and Lyft because they make a fair wage and choose to become employed with those services. Uber drivers make at least $15 per hour and average somewhere around $25 an hour. Most Uber drivers are also part time, so the wear on their vehicles is minimal.

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