Should more be done to stop female feticide in India?

  • We can stop Female Foeticide.

    Most of the decisions are made by men in the families, they need to be sensitized about the practice of female foeticide and consequences thereof. The education curriculum should be made gender sensitive, leading to gradual formation of a changed value system in coming generation. All abortions must be registered. In cases where a healthy female foetus is aborted, both the doctor and the family should be brought to book.

  • Try Contraception, Sex Education First

    India has 1.3 billion inhabitants. It is the largest democracy in the world, yet poverty is rampant. Recent rape cases show how horrible life can be in India. Men should be taught to wear condoms or even just masturbate instead of trying to impregnate another woman who may not be ready to have children. For such a modern country, India needs to shed many traditions that are unhealthy for its population.

  • Stop female feticide

    The world will be nothing without the female gender. In Rajasthan, India -Every 12 seconds, a baby girl is aborted that's about 7,000 girls killed every day, and within the past and 10 years there have been 6 million girls aborted in Rajasthan, India just because they are females. STOP

  • Where have all the girls gone?

    Because female feticide is the act of aborting a fetus because it is female.This is a major connection with the dowry system that is ingrained in India. There is a strong preference for sons over daughter exists unlike in western culture and it is also estimated that more than 10 million female fetuses have been illegally aborted in India.

  • Yes, more needs to be done to help stop female feticide in India, a barbaric practice from ancient times.

    Female feticide in India, a long-standing practice in India, represents a crime not just against women, but against humanity in general as well. It is holdover of old ways of thinking representing a devaluation of the lives of women. Its continued practice reinforces these old cultural beliefs that women are not as important as men, and thus helps to perpetuate a wide-ranging set of other beliefs and values regarding the role of girls and women in society. Additionally, it throws out of balance the ratio of the sexes, causing a wide host of other social problems, and ultimately also helps to hinder the economic and social vitality of the country as a whole. For these reasons, I strongly believe that more still needs to be done to help eliminate the practice of female feticide in India.

  • A lot more should be done.

    Female feticide in India is a humanity problem, and therefore the world should join forces in stopping this practice. Calling shameful attention to this practice from around the globe will perhaps exert pressure and make it less, if not at all, acceptable. And help to begin to get India to think differently on this issue. This is a very sad issue.

  • Yes, More Needs To Be Done

    India has a host of problems when it comes to gender inequality. A violence against women goes virtually unnoticed, and the perpetrators of that violence go unpunished. The Indian government needs to take many more stops to stop all forms of violence against women, and that also includes female feticide.

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  • All babies deserve life, and females are no less valuable than males.

    Every child deserves a chance in this world. There's absolutely no reason why female fetuses should be killed for selfish, inhumane purposes. There are many females in this world that have contributed to our society, such as Rosalind Franklin, who worked on DNA crystallography to find the structure of DNA. We also have civil rights activists such as Rosa Parks who have contributed to the US civil rights movement.

  • It is my belief that female feticide is a cultural heritage

    No, female feticide should not be discouraged in India because it has been practiced for many years and because of birth control reasons. Old customs survive for a reason and from a demographic viewpoint, India has some of the most overcrowded cities in the word. The reduction in reproductive females would do well to help this overpopulation problem.

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