• Yes, he has made an inspiring spiritual jouirney

    Muhammad Ali is a hero. He has always spoken his mind,
    without regard for the consequences to his career or his public image. He was a
    great boxer, Heavyweight Champion of the World, and he remains a great wit and
    a brilliant spokesperson. He speaks out
    for religious freedom, for tolerance, and for the oppressed. Although he was
    used by extremists for part of his life, in later years he has become a sincere
    believer in peaceful change, and a peaceful and loving practitioner of spiritual

  • No, what made Ali the greatest was his style

    What made Ali the greatest was he was himself. He was that flashy, and it came natural. He wasn't pretending to be something he wasn't, If someone else tries to emulate Ali, they will come across as fake and trying to hard. Boxers should focus on being themselves and working hard. The rest will take care of itself.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I believe Muhammad Ali was one of the better boxers the world has seen, but he is only one. There are many others that could be studied and emulated. I believe boxers should work with what comes natural to them because its far easier to act naturally than to try and emulate another person.

  • Boxers shouldn't emulate Ali

    Even though Muhammad Ali (who was born as Cassius Clay) defined a paradigm of boxing that had never before been seen in any ring or arena, boxers of the world will not benefit in emulating his style, and the sport itself will even be hindered by this attempt to simply reproduce the past.

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