Should more businesses and government institutions actively combat the digital divide?

  • Yes, we can't afford to let the divide continue.

    Yes, I believe that businesses and the government could come together and find a mutually agreeable solution to the digital divide before it does any more damage. We cannot allow this to continue. Students who do not have Internet access at home are unable to do their homework online. These children should not be left out simply because they come from poorer families.

  • We need business/government partnerships to address this.

    I think it would be in the interest of both businesses and government to address the digital divide. We are at a point (and have been, for a long time) where technological knowledge is essential to getting almost any job. By not having a fully qualified work force, our economy will suffer.

  • Yes, they should

    This is a world economy that is increasingly depending on the digital world and Internet. I do think that businesses and government should really be fighting to actively combat this digital divide. It would increase the world economy, and it would increase the revenue and quality of life in struggling nations.

  • What's the divide?

    No, more businesses and government institutions should not actively combat the digital divide, because there is nothing that a person cannot do if they really need to find the internet. These days, anyone can go to the public library in order to access the internet. We do not need mass intervention.

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