Should more cameras be installed in schools? (stairways, classrooms, cafeteria, etc.)

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  • Improves Security Measures

    Cameras, if installed in appropriate locations, can help deter theft and potentially violence in schools. Obviously, some people will ignore the camera and act anyway, in which case there may be better evidence to properly deliver justice. Of course, there is always the question of privacy, but there is little that the students should be doing in school that requires privacy. The cameras are seldom checked unless a situation arises anyway, so it isn't really like the big brother knows everything you do.

  • Takes away the privacy but provides more security

    By installing cameras in schools sure takes away privacy but provides more security. It even helps to check if a kid is doing any illegal things or not.(i.E kids take drugs, and smoke in some schools and nobody finds out about it. It can even help people know that there is going to be any harmful thing to school or not.

  • Takes away the privacy but provides more security

    By installing cameras in schools sure takes away privacy but provides more security. It even helps to check if a kid is doing any illegal things or not.(i.E kids take drugs, and smoke in some schools and nobody finds out about it. It can even help people know that there is going to be any harmful thing to school or not.

  • Yes because it is safer

    Yes because generally, children ignore rules. Children may sneak off to do things and need to be appropiately punished for doing so. Also there may be bullies or assualts. Its just generally safer to do this for protection of staff and children and more various people. Thank you for reading.

  • Like it or not, social problems are based from the youth.

    At the base of many (but not all) social problems around, the prime source is typically teenagers or younger children with a bad up-bringing. We need to accept this as a society and get over our self righteous ideals of "freedom". The truth is that true freedom lives in a society of no law or state obligation so by living in nearly every state in the world, you have limited freedom. And other factors such as the "Land of the Free" (america) having the highest incarceration rates doesn't scream freedom. As well, a rise in anti-social behavior is a serious concern that must be cut from the roots. Cameras in school and improved disciple of youths in society is the only way forward. And tbh it's hardly like the school/government is gonna spy 24/7. It's more of a check system, to find a culprit.

  • Kids abuse privacy

    Kids in general don't care about rules. If you give them privacy, they WILL abuse it. They smoke and drink. They also, believe it or not, have sex in the bathroom. Okay, so maybe it's not just the bathroom. They do it on school grounds where there are very few cameras. I'm just saying that cameras will reduce this.

  • Yes there should be more cameras

    I think there should be more cameras. I have to say first that I am worried about Big Brother intervention in my life but I am an adult. Kids in school are minors and we are responsible for them. Bullying has led to one disaster after another. I live in one of the largest cities in America, hardly a day goes by when there isn't an incident of a teacher being assaulted. I would not enter some of those classrooms unless I was armed and had 2 armed guards with me. The kids that are causing problems, intimidating others, physically assaulting others need to be removed from the school and placed in a more appropriate setting. Cameras make it that much easier to identify the guilty. We are responsible for children, they are not responsible for themselves. We don't acknowledge their right to privacy at home do we? Certainly not, responsible parents make sure they know what is going on.

  • No Loss of Freedom - a Gain of Responsibility

    I find the arguments about cameras being a loss of freedom confounding. Schools are already inundated with claims of harassment by students about students and teachers. Schools also have huge insurance premiums for accidental injuries. Schools also must train teachers for the symptoms and signs of bulling, drug use, transfer of illicit materials, etc. Cameras help mitigate the amount of money the school has to pay out for representation and training for these matters.

    Furthermore, the idea of a loss of freedom is checked due to the fact that if a student levels a claim of bullying or harassment against another student, the situation is no longer hearsay or conjecture. A student has to own up to their actions as the agressor. Knowing that the Eye-In-The-Sky is watching may help deter student illicit behavior.

    With cameras in the classrooms we can also be assured that teachers are on task and attentive. If they're doing their jobs, on task, and teaching and the students are engaged, then there should be nothing wrong with a camera in the classroom either.

    No matter the reason, we must remember that schools are a government facility. Rights of privacy are mitigated due to the open nature of the school, and there is no absolute right to privacy when it comes to the public sphere. So many people moving about to-and-fro guarantees and provides no expectation of privacy. A camera is merely another eye or ear where so many are already present.

  • Is it that hard?

    There was a teacher who physically assaulted a young boy and she would have gotten away. But you know what caught her? A security camera on the ceiling. This is probably happening every where. And if that security camera wasn't there. She would have gotten away. Cameras are needed they save lives. Even if they watch.

  • More cameras would be a good feature in a school.

    If you have more cameras over looking the school parking lot, cafeteria, class rooms, hall ways, and rest rooms along with signs stating a particular area is under surveillance, it may deter bullying. With cameras in the rest rooms, they should just be over looking the rest room. They shouldn't have cameras in the stalls or by the urinals.

  • To further DebatorJack's point... No

    Cameras would constitute a huge loss of freedom, for individuals, since schools that would have them are mostly public, if the tapes get into the hands of BIg Brother, couldn't Big Brother use them as intimidation to force people into compliance? (That is however based on the fact that some good people do really bad things they don't want other to know and that others have no business knowing).

  • Is it really necessary?

    Ok, so lets say a teacher assaulted a student. Student reports it and teacher gets fired. Kid beats up another kid. Kid who got beat up reports it and the kid doing the beating gets 5 days suspension. Bully comes back and beats up the same kid, bully gets expelled. Guy walks in and starts shooting stuff, he's a sitting duck for the police. Kid gets socially and emotionally harassed, what's a camera going to do about that? Kids are having sex in the bathroom, they get caught because there is always someone else using the bathroom. They get away with it, is it really anyone's business anyways? There are few things that cameras would help with. Responsible teachers and staff are all that is necessary.

  • Big Brother? No thank you

    I am all for security, but unless the school has had a huge problem with violence, I don't think cameras have any business being in school. Talk about a huge loss of freedom! This nation wasn't built on surveillance and violation of privacy rights, but the freedom of the individual to do as they please without the watchful eye of the government looking at you 24/7

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  • Already enough cameras!

    It seems like the schools that are being discussed
    Here barely have any security AT ALL. That being said ,
    The school I attend has more than enough cameras
    To keep the school safe if it even helps. I still think that
    Cameras shouldn't be used to a great extent. If a child
    Got beat up, assaulted, etc... They should have half the
    Brains it takes to have the common sense and report
    The perpetrator of the crime. Why would a school take
    Some privacy away from students if it doesn't help solve
    These types of problems? Also, why would you spend
    More money (although not too impressionable amounts)
    on something you can go easily without? Schools should
    Just stick with a more conservative amount of cameras.

  • Discipline with fear is no discipline at all.

    I think when you keep cameras at classrooms the fundamental rights of students get voilated. Suppose when there is no teacher in classroom, students fear to discuss and talk to each other. In my opinion it is the class where students talk, laugh, discuss, learn something. They shout make noises in class. It is only the drunkard who make noises in road, public places... Not the student. But responsible teaching team should be kept by school....

  • Trust Policy in Schools

    Normally, every normal school should have normal students and all of them should be inclined to a trust-trust system. Except if the school is located in a problematic place or had security problems, each school should be capable of arranging things without cameras. I was in a school with more than 1000 pupils and everything was just fine.

  • Is that spying?

    More cameras? What would it solve anyways? We just need to revise our education systems and see how families behave with their kids instead of spying on every single thing someone does at school. Also, that woudl mean spying on teachers too, and while they are thinking about putting it in stairs and in classes, why wouldn't they put it in bathrooms too, since they think it to be a good idea?

    Posted by: DYDY

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