• Private does it better.

    Yes, more colleges and universities should be privately owned, because the private colleges do it better. Private colleges are used to providing better services, and with less money. They have private donors that help them make ends meet and provide services. If colleges were run privately, tuition would be lowered and the quality would be better.

  • Yes, more college and universities should be privately owned.

    I think that the idea of a college education isn't as important as it used to be for the general public. And the idea that tax payer money helps pay for some of these colleges and universities to operate also is unappealing to some. I think more colleges and universities should be privately owned since most of them act like business anyway.

  • yes they should

    Yes, this will make it to where they can choose who they want to come into the school, and they can pick who they want to teach and what they want to teach the students, to make the kids get a lot more education for what they are paying for.

  • Most should be public.

    I do think there is room for private universities. The United States has the best universities and colleges in the world, and they're private; but, I think that pubic universities built on large pools of public funds would be much better over all, and would give us all an opportunity at an education.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I personally believe the United States has a sufficient amount of public and private colleges and universities. In fact there are all kinds of privately owned colleges and universities running out of the United States. I don't think we need more, although we may need satellite programs and facilities to help people attend college from rural areas.

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