Should more companies follow Coke's lead by cutting executive compensation?

  • Share the wealth

    If companies were more concerned with the state of the country, and the world for that matter, they should cut executive compensation and re-invest the monies into global or community efforts. The big players in the market have the biggest chance to make differences in the world with the proceeds they make off of their products.

  • They don't need it.

    Yes, more companies should follow Coke's lead and cut executive compensation, because there are too many people high up who make too much. You can't understand the plight of the person in your company who only makes $20,000 per year, full time, if you make 20 million. They need to be in touch with reality to be effective.

  • Yes, cutting executive compensation will lower costs.

    When a company can lower the cost of doing business it will satisfy the stockholders. If Coke cut it's executive compensation program it would ultimately lower the cost of running a large corporation. This action would have two effects; giving Coke more profits and saving money that can be spent in improving their products.

  • Yes Limit Wages

    I believe executive compensation has gone off the deep end. I feel a company would be more successful if it gave yearly bonuses to ALL employees..there needs to be a cap on what people can earn. It's insane for 1 person in a company to make a million dollars while there is someone in the same company making minimum wage.

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