Should more countries implement laws limiting the number of children a family can have?

Asked by: Androctonus
  • Is it going to be the good of your earth or your "rights"

    I can find no way that in 2015 have 13 kids is justified. It is morally selfish and is plainly stupid. It is not immoral as the other side of the house is not right, when we are reaching the max number of people that the earth can handle there is no way you can justify having 13 kids as a right.
    I think you should stop being selfish and wake up to the negative impacts.

  • Yes, but only in countries where overpopulation is an existing problem.

    Increasing population is one the leading issues contributing to environmental destruction, limited human development in many countries, and the ever increasing strain on our planet's natural resources. By limiting the number of children per family it could help to curb population growth where overpopulation is an existing problem or it is becoming one. However, some may argue that such laws would restrict a person's freedoms. But which is more preferable, being able to support a smaller family completely while also limiting the level of impact on the environment, or having a large family with many children to care for that consumes more of our natural resources and creates more waste to damage the planet?

  • Yes but the number of children should depend in your country or wealth.

    Yes it should be. It's no good one country attempting the lower the population. I view it as selfish, most people know that the increasing world population is causing mass problems in the world. A higher demand of resources is one.

    To tell you the truth most people would not care a thing about human rights when we run out of food or water and wars start. People need to stop thinking about NOW but think more about the future of the human species and the world.

    However number of children you can have depends where you live in the world or by wealth. Poor people in the world specially in LEDC's have lots of children because a lot of them die before they grow up. So it would be unfair forcing them to have the same amount of children of a rich couple in a MEDC.

  • Families and their size are not to be controlled by the government

    I know many families in which they have 7 kids, some even 13 kids, but I can't imagine that family missing any of their children. If the limit was set to 3, I would loose 2 of my siblings. My friends would loose 10!
    You are preventing them from having all the members in their family they might have had. Setting a limit on the number of children family's can have is immoral.

  • This decision is only for the parents.

    Anyone dictating, unilaterally, to a couple how many kids they ought to have is wrong. This is a blatant violation of the marital bedroom. While this is enough to show that it would be wrong, let me back it up with some further arguments. The more people there are in the world, the more great minds will arise to solve the world's problems. We will be able to get into space to get resources soon, and this will greatly ameliorate our problems with resources and land (which are way overblown anyway). Bigger is oftentimes better. Don't ban large families; it is wrong, and also detrimental to society.

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