Should more crosswalks be made for pedestrians?

Asked by: casnail
  • Yes, we should have more crosswalks.

    If we do not have crosswalks then cars would be just zooming past us. Sometimes at school the kids are not looking where they are going and just cross over. There should be more crossing guards so drivers won't be stressed. Though, only the guards should let out a few people then let the cars go, all crossing guards wait forever.

  • Yes there should be

    Instead of the government wasting tax money for their own use, they should make more crosswalks to make streets safer and better to cross. There are lots of people who get killed by cars when there's no crosswalks. BUT if they make crosswalks the organization of streets would be better and pedestrians could cross the streets.

  • Costs to much tax money

    Why would we want to waste money on something that is working perfectly well? It seems that the crosswalks in my city are functioning perfectly well. Obviously I can't speak for everybody, but I don't want to be paying for your crosswalks, and I don't believe you want to be paying for mine. If there is truly a need, good people will rise up to fill that need. That's the American spirit.

  • Why would it make sense to do this?

    Most people jaywalk because there are not many crosswalks but if it is a busy street you can find a traffic light not far away and use that. In the case of a small community of homes most cars will be going at a slow rate so there is no need. And also in order to paint new crosswalks the government will have to close streets which is highly inconvenient.

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