Should more efforts be done by governments to prevent elephants from being killed?

  • Threats to Elephants

    Despite a ban on the international trade in ivory, elephants are still being poached in large numbers. Tens of thousands of elephants are being killed every year for their ivory tusks. The ivory is often carved into ornaments and jewellery – China is the biggest consumer market for such products.
    If this continues, our future generation would just read about these majestic animals in books and see them in pictures as we do for the Dodo and other extinct animals!

  • Mass Genocide in Africa

    And in Asia too. Point is, across two continents, an entire species is being hunted down and ruthlessly killed to the point of being critically endangered just so a few trophy hunters can have ivory. It is sick and cruel that a person would do this, and before their entire species joins the dinosaurs in extinction, the world's governments need to step it up and do something.

  • Elephants are an endangered animal and poaching is a serious problem.

    Elephants across the world are an endangered species. Many of their problems stem from changing habitats but there is also a serious problem with poaching. While international and domestic trade of elephant products is strictly controlled it still persists on the black market. It would be beneficial in an ideal world if governments of countries where elephants are poached could direct money into policing these crimes, but most of these countries have funding deficits that make this impossible. The failure to stem hunting elephants is not something that can be blamed on any specific problem but it would be ideal if money could be put into conservation.

  • Time for Governments to Step Up

    There is a significant lack of attention to the both the white and black markets of the ivory trade today. Despite the alarming rate of decline of not only elephants but also rhinos, African governments have done little to help. Granted, these governments do not have the same power and authority that Western governments might have, but they could still do more. Additionally, the governments of East Asian countries, which typically believe that ivory has medicinal properties, has done nothing to limit the demand for ivory.

  • Yes, we should protect elephants and every endangered species.

    If we do not pay attention to animals , our endangered species, common species could become extinct too. With animals removed from the food chain, things could steamroll and find humans starving if animal species become extinct. Humanity and the earth depend on animals for survival. We should protect them.

  • Yes, more efforts should be done by the government to prevent elephants from being killed.

    Yes, more efforts should be done by the government to prevent elephants from being killed because we owe it to future generations to ensure that these magnificent creatures are around for them to see and study. Elephants are one of the largest mammals in the world and governments need to enact tougher legislation to ensure that these creatures are not killed for their ivory tusks.

  • People first, please.

    Governments should protect their citizens, first and foremost. Spending resources to protect elephants while women and children are slaughtered in their villages is repugnant. Of course I don't want to see elephants poached off the face of the earth, but there have be priorities. We can't let an anthropomorphic world view cloud the fact that humans ARE more important.

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