Should more emphasis be made on proper family planning among today's American youth?

  • America does not educate properly in this area.

    The United States does not properly prepare its youth for family planning and sex appropriately. The modern stance of abstinence only does not help anyone at all. Teaching abstinence only creates a higher spread of sexually transmitted diseases and increases the amount of teen pregnancies. Both these things would see a definite decrease with proper schooling on the subject.

  • Yes, too many unplanned pregnancies are occurring among teenagers.

    It remains too easy for a teenage couple to accidentally bear a child. More emphasis should be made on proper family planning among that demographic, especially in schools, where sexual intercourse should not be stigmatized, but should be recognized as something that happens. The main point should be that sex is okay, as long as proper protection and planning is allocated.

  • It can't hurt

    I think that we don't do a really good job educating today's youth about not only how to prevent themselves from getting in the family way, but how to properly parent when they do have kids. We should offer a lot more courses in this and stop with just abstinence only programs.

  • We should stop pretending otherwise.

    Yes, more emphasis be made on proper family planning among today's American youth. The people of the United States insist on living in some fantasy land, where we think that if we hide birth control and other planning options from youth, it'll somehow make pregnancy rates lower. That hasn't happened so far, now, has it?

  • We Need To Encourage Responsibility

    I believe, given the state of the world, we as Americans need to incite proper responsibility to our children. I think one issue that we should touch on is family planning. It's heartbreaking to bring new life into this world but it is also a natural human urge. I think addressing family planning in the home is the most effective way to get the point across.

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