• Cardiology is important but emphasis could be distributed amoung other health issues

    While cardiology is a pivotal element of health sciences, the are fields that do need more emphasis. Cardiology tends to focus on resolving problems after they happen - and less on preventative care. While heart health central discussion is pivotal, we should also emphasis under funded and under represented issues like Mental Health

  • Heart Health is Important

    With the increasing risk to both women and men of heart disease, placing an emphasis on cardiology is important. Regularly seeing a cardiologist can help to rule out or prevent issues that arise with the heart. A cardiologist could check for any arising issues and alert the patient of steps to be taken to prevent or help those issues. If we did more to take care of heart health we could work to lessen the percentages of those with heart disease.

  • Cardiology is extremely important

    There should be paramount importance placed on cardiology, especially If you have heart disease in your family, have high blood pressure, or suffer from obesity. The heart is the center of our existence; without it we are all meeting our demise. This is the major organ that should be treated with care through working out, visits to the cardiologist and taking medication if necessary.

  • Cardiology has been like the most valued medicine.

    For the longest time cardiologists were the cool kids of surgery.
    The organ itself is highly valued throughout history, and the surgery itself is highly skill based, where only the best of surgeons should really do it.
    Today we have catheters that require much less skill relatively, and a much better learning curve for most physicians.
    But the best part is where the patient does not need to have their chest open, requiring less stress on the patient, raising the chance of survival and healing much better.

  • No, instead of more emphasis placed on the value of cardiology, I believe more emphasis should be placed on a wholistic approach to medical treatment.

    I disagree with the statement that more emphasis should be placed on the value of cardiology because I believe cardiology should be a component of a multifaceted and comprehensive medical approach. Cardiology advancements have definitely provided for the ability of patients to live prolonged lives, but it is in my opinion that solely focusing on one aspect of one's health could prove to be problematic overall.

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