• Yes, more employers should adopt unlimited vacation time.

    A big reason that people feel disillusioned with their jobs and with American society in general is that they feel like their freedom is greatly restricted. If companies offer more freedom, people will be grateful and will be able to work harder and smarter because they will not feel as burned out.

  • Yes I think more employers should adopt unlimited vacation time.

    I have recently read about the fact that one company in Europe has started giving their employees unlimited vacation time and I'm really hoping that this will prove to other employers that If you give time to your employee's they'll actually work better then being stressed out and forced to work full time.

  • Yes, more employers should adopt unlimited vacation time.

    So many people work so hard in the world that I think it would only be fair for unlimited vacation time. I mean, as long as you are not taking the whole year off I don't see why you can't take whatever time off that you would like. Life scams.

  • No, unlimited vacation time is unnescary.

    By giving employees unlimited vacation time, many employees would simply not work as often. The purpose of vacation time is to give a certain degree of flexibility to employees over their schedules as so to allow them to relieve stress and take care of personal things in their life. If unlimited vacation time was offered this would defeat the entire purpose of a work schedule and decrease the incentive to go to work.

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