Should more factories and commercial-use buildings be built vertically in order to save space on land?

  • Yes, vertical avoids excess use of space.

    A warehouse or factory or other building meant for commercial use should take up as little space as possible. So it would be good if these were built to be tall instead of wide. The land could then better be used for either housing or for cultivation of plants and vegetables for food.

  • Yes they should

    Yes, I think that the new factories and other large buildings do need to be built up, and not out, since some of them take a huge area up. There is more and more being built every day, and we need to make sure that we do not run out of room.

  • We have lots of land.

    No, more factories and commercial-use buildings should not be build vertically in order to save space on land, because there is a lot of land in the world that is still left unused. Only 10% of the United States is even inhabited. We have plenty of room left for people to build as large of factories and commercial spaces as they want.

  • There's Plenty of Room

    I do not believe more factories and commercial-use buildings should be built vertically in order to save space on land. There is actually plenty of room on the planet to expand, some areas are just more concentrated. When you get to these areas I think it is more important to stop building rather than just make a few small changes.

  • No, building factories and buildings vertically should not be priority to save land.

    I think that while there are cities that would benefit from vertical buildings for factories and commercial use, there are a lot of cities that have the space and land to accommodate traditional buildings. I think that it would be more expensive and logistically difficult to make such things a priority.

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