Should more federal funds be allocated for family planning education programs nationwide?

  • Yes, I think so.

    I think that federal funds allocated for family planning education would be a great idea. The funds would probably help back on the amounts of abortions in this country and would hopefully also cut back on the amount of children born in this country. If people need help affording condoms and birth control, then they would need help affording children. It is much more cost effective if we can help prevent people from having children they can't afford.

  • Teens need help

    Here in the United States, teen pregnancies are always going to happen, because when you turn into a teen you are instincively going to want to have sex. So instead of trying to prevent teens getting pregnant, there need to be more programs in place to help them plan it out.

  • Yes there should.

    I think that the federal funds should be allocated for family planning education nationwide. I think that the more people know and understand how to work out a family plan the better people will be in the future. They will be able to properly calculate risks, and manage money, and understand how to help their kids.

  • All Forms of Birth Control Should be Funded

    All forms of birth control and birth control education should be funded more by the federal government. We don't need more children growing up on welfare and impoverished. We don't need single moms raising young taxpayers, we need to get people on the right track to stable employment first before worrying about whether or not they have children. We live in a consumer-based society, and the more consumers that mothers give birth to, the better the economy gets. But we don't need a welfare state with single mothers having 10 kids. Let's get better jobs first before trying to get single women government benefits for getting knocked up.

  • Just Get The Word Out

    I do not believe more federal funds should be allocated for family planning education programs nationwide. I say this because generally their are already a sufficient number of sources and programs available it is the fact that the information does not make it to the proper hands. We simply need to spend more time and maybe some money on letting people know about these services.

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