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  • This is totally unecessary

    There was a beautiful time in American history when the government was limited, people were free, and society defined it's own course rather than being told how to think or act. Nobody needed more than one mother and father, and the government knew it's role. This is a foolish, wasteful idea for the government, even if it's a good goal.

  • Can't Always Throw Money

    I do not believe more federal resources should be put toward the fight against ageism. Ageism is simply discrimination based on age and we already have laws against this. We need local governments that will actually punish businesses for breaking employment problems which is why this problem is such a big concern. Empower the people and you'll fix the problem. If you see instances of ageism or discrimination report it to your local authorities.

  • No, right now they should not

    There are so many other things that need to be pushed out of the way first, before that one is touched. Resources needed to be allocated to more valuable subject than ageism. Its something that the people could probably work out on their own. Its not really a crazy topic, breaking down the doors at this moment.

  • Ageism is not that large of an issue

    There are major advocacy organizations, like AARP, that already work to combat issues like ageism. These organizations have massive amounts of funding and plenty of public exposure to keep age-related issues in the public attention, and furthermore, to legislatively approach issues that are severe enough to require passage of laws to alleviate.

  • We have no more resources

    Where are the federal resources going to come from? There are no more federal resources available for anything including ageism. It should be up to individual states to monitor and control the activity of businesses and other corporations within their state. The federal government should not get invovled unless it can not be handled at the state level.

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