Should more focus be put on stress when discussing heart attack risks?

  • Stress should be recognized more as a risk in all health areas

    Yes, more focus should be put on stress when discussing heart attack risks as well as the risks of many other diseases. Stress is a very damaging condition and a threat to health in general. More focus needs to be put on reducing stress and adding to the overall health of everyone.

  • Stress is a silent killer

    People often overlook stress as a contributing factor to heart attacks. Many people just accept that their life is stressful and think there is nothing that can be done about it. Reducing stress greatly reduces the risk of a heart attack. People who do not get enough sleep and have stress are at high risk of a heart attack.

  • Yes, it should.

    Americans are incredibly stressed out. Most people have no idea that stress puts pressure on the heart, as does anger and other emotions. We need to learn how to relax and have a good time, as a part of treating our bodies well and taking care of ourselves so we can live happier and longer.

  • Yes, Focus on Stress

    Stress is one of the biggest risk factors with heart health issues. In this day and age the world is running on stress and it is terrible for not just hearth health, but health in general. Stress can make your body start to shut down and fight itself. Stress management, in addition to dietary habits should be focused on when talking about heart attack risks.

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